Obsessions: March 13

This will be going live while I hit the road to drive from my parents’ home in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario to a small town in Northwestern Ontario for a new job! I’m so excited to be employed again! I’m excited to start being able to work towards my financial goals again, to cook my own food, I’m not really looking forward to not having anyone to share the dishes with haha. I’m also not super looking forward to the 15 hour drive from here to Thunder Bay tomorrow with my poor cat who hates travel but we’ll get through it together and if I learn anything helpful I’ll make sure to share it later!

I didn’t consume a ton of content this week because I was busy prepping for my move.

A new coffee shop, Ottawa Valley Coffee, opened up on Raglan St in Renfrew this week, it’s so exciting because there hasn’t been a good coffee shop there ever and it’s a proper coffee shop not like a bistro that also does coffee. They’re also open until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays and have their liquor license so they have beers and stuff. If I was sticking around this would totally be my spot!

Also, the cover photo is from Oh-El-la’s in Calabogie, Ontario, my number 1 favourite place in the Valley!

Grace Atwood is one of my favourite influencers. She seems super genuine, her recommendations of everything from books to skincare have always been fantastic and I’ve been following her for several years now and she hasn’t annoyed me? That seems like such a low bar, but I feel like we all know that feeling of I want to like this influencer, or I like her outfits/home/make up whatever but I just can’t with her? That seems so mean, but it’s your Instagram, there should only be people you like and enjoy in your feed (and ads because we have no control over those apparently).

Carly is (clearly I think if you’ve read any of my previous posts lol) potentially my very favourite influencer. I’ve followed her since undergrad, on Pinterest first because I had a BlackBerry and you couldn’t get Instagram on them and on Instagram since maybe 2013? I find the majority of her recommendations to be affordable and accessible to Canadians, and she’s just so herself. Even if it’s not trendy she shares what she likes and what she enjoys. I think it’s also very clear that she has been thriving in her 30s and it makes me excited for where life can go.

The Sorry Girls don’t post on their vlog channel as often anymore, which I’m okay with, I generally am not a huge vlog person. But Kelsey’s parents are selling their house and she is going through her childhood bedroom it is such a trip down memory labe for everyone who was a child in the 2000s. I learned in the video that she’s just a year older than me and it’s so funny to see how many things we have in common even though at the time I was in rural Tennessee and she was in suburban Ontario. Highly recommend if you were born between 1990-1994.

I really like the idea of bullet journaling but I don’t have time, energy, artistic ability, or will to put as much energy into a bullet journal as the beautiful ones require, so I love this video that Christina shared this week about easy bullet journaling and it actually seems attainable? And I’ve really been getting into the idea of “brain dumps” where you basically just put everything, like truly everything, running around your brain down on paper and then you can sort through it and free up some space in your head!

I hope you have a great weekend!! What have you been obsessed with this week?


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