Obsessions: March 20th

Whew y’all.

It has been a week. If you read my last Obsessions post (my most recent post, I’m sorry a week is too long!) I mentioned that we were on the road to Thunder Bay from the Ottawa Valley. I got a job up in Northwestern Ontario, about 4 hours north of Thunder Bay! It is very exciting! But holy sh– this week. I’m going to do a full post breaking down the move, but essentially this past week has been driving, unpacking, and starting my new job this past Monday! All of this has meant a lot less media consumption this week but I still managed to find a few obsessions of course. Also so far all of the sunsets up here have looked that it, so I haven’t experienced much yet but it sure is pretty.

  1. Folklore and Evermore – Taylor Swift

I spent a potentially embarrassing amount of the 17 hour drive from Renfrew to Thunder Bay listening to these two albums. They are just so good, her singing voice has gotten so good, the story-telling, UGH. I probably listened to them for 8 hours and am not sick of them. God Save Taylor Swift.

2. Summer House -Bravo

I don’t watch Bravo, except for this show. I find it to be less like the Housewives shows with less yelling (although Hannah this season has been a little Housewives-y, which is disappointing because she was why I started watching the show). And it’s just so fun and exactly what you imagine summer is supposed to be. To quote “Summer should be fun…”. And the glow up on Carl this season, we are getting emotional maturity and growth, makes me want to try sobriety, even though I only drink like once a month.

3. The Sorry Girls x Lone Fox Collab

Two (three?) of my favourite home interiors and DIY youtubers collab-ed on videos this week. Basically they gathered up DIY and thrifted items that they had picked up over the years thinking they would use and then never did. Shipped them to each other and saw what the other person could do with the items. It was super fun and cute to see what they were able to do!

4. Small Town Murder Podcast

I don’t always keep up with Small Town Podcast, but whenever I come back to it I am reminded how much I love it. Jimmy and James are so funny and the line of “We’re a$$holes, NOT scumbags!” gets me every time!

I hope you have all had a great week!


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