Mid-Week Procrastination: Engagements, Babies, and Agatha All Along

This week I am feeling both the joy of warmer temperature and sunshine that actually has some heat to it and still very much running into the pandemic wall and remnants of seasonal doldrums. However, Monday was International Women’s Day which means that there are all kinds of lovely stories about women on the internet, and important reminders that there is still so much work to be done to ensure that all women are gaining rights, equality, social status, safety and opportunities for success.

Nadine Ijewere became the first Black woman to shoot the cover for US Vogue which is super cool. She’s also very young and has previously been the first Black woman to shoot for British Vogue. So cool.

Selena Gomez on the cover of US Vogue shot by Nadine Ijewere

My very favourite blogger Carly Riordan announced that she is pregnant! It is so exciting! I’m not certain how I feel about having children myself, but I love when people are living the life they want. Here she is talking about all the things she is excited about for starting a family.

On the flip side I love Grace Atwood’s article about how she doesn’t want children and doesn’t plan to change her mind. Again I just love when people are being true to themselves and that the experience of the reactions you get when you say you don’t want children is universal.

This article really hit home, I am SO over being home but I also dread socialization because I feel like I don’t know how to do it anymore! Also, I feel like I get tired so much faster on Zoom hangouts than I used to last year. This article from The Cut made me feel a lot better about that feeling!

Hannah Berner (Summer House, Berning in Hell, Giggly Squad) announced her engagement last week! While I miss their Instagram lives I understand that they weren’t sustainable for beyond strict quarantine life, so the podcast is a great substitute. Its just so light and silly, and her and Paige DeSorbo’s banter is just so enjoyable. Happy giggling!

WandaVision was so fantastic. I know a lot of people are disappointed that we didn’t get more but I loved it so much and Kathryn Hahn was just so amazing in it, The New Yorker agrees with me. And Agatha All Along would have made the entire show worth it.

I adore these DIY’s DIY Danie did on her YouTube channel duping wavy furniture as seen via Domino

I have come to the conclusion that I almost like un-making over videos almost more than making over videos. It’s just so satisfying; I also NEED to know what removable wallpaper she used because it came off super easy and I was agog.

Also, can I recommend going for a walk? Such a mood booster!! Have a great rest of your week!!


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