Black History Month Round-Up

Over on my Instagram in February 2021 I did a daily story feature of a different favourite Black creator. Sometimes it was influencers, others artists, poets, and dancers; they were almost always female. But I was choosing the people that I truly admire their content or their work and those people happened to be women. I wanted to provide a space outside of story highlights to memorialize these creators and thank them for their work!

  1. @ShadesofPinck – Megan Pinckney-Rutherford

2. @venitaaspen – Venita Aspen

3. @prepfordwife – Victoria Ford

4. @carmeonhamilton – Carmeon Hamilton

5. @sashaexeter – Sasha Exeter

6. @dontecolley – Donte Colley

7. @basicstouch – Aida

8. @onegrloneworld – Francesca Murray

9. @hillhousevintage – Paula Sutton

10. @jnaydaily – Janea Brown

11. @taymocha – Taylor Nolan

I feel like I have to talk about this one. This was made before her tweets were exposed and honestly I am completely disgusted by what she said. I am also struggling because I have learned so much from her platform and her podcast and I’m grateful for that but every one of those tweets is so hate-filled and is racist, homophobic, transphobic, fat phobic, and violates patient confidentiality. She even went after redheads. And I found her apologies to be lacking in every way she has previously torn apart other peoples’ apologies. Also the way she only addressed her first apology to BIPOC only was super off-putting, she went after so many groups that include many BIPOC, but definitely don’t only include BIPOC. So I’m grateful for what I learned but I am currently disgusted by the hate that was exposed.

12. @jenekajool – Jeneka Jool – The Nomadic Nympho

13. @rachellindsay – Rachel Lindsay-Abasolo

We must protect this woman at all costs fellow members of #BachNation

14. @sydbw – Sydnee Washington

15. @reeezy – Marie Faustin

16. @jazmynjw – Jazmyn W

17. @spiritedpursuit – Lee Litumbe

18. @loharris_art – Lo Harris

19. @iamyolaofficial – Yola

20. @citygirlsavings – Raya Reaves

20. @greengirlleah – Leah Thomas

21. @mossonyi – Onyi Moss

22. @morganharpernichols – Morgan Harper Nichols

23-44. For the 28th of February I did a round up of who I consider the Icons of Black creation. I missed so many, I keep thinking of actors, musicians, singers, artists, authors, etc. that I missed. But I also don’t think it would be possible for one person to come up with every alive Black artist and creator.

I also want to add that it is super important that we remember the impact Black people have on culture and the arts all year round and the role they play in democratizing society and the structural and systemic racisms Black people face in our culture every day. Black history and celebration doesn’t end with the month of February.

Who are your favourite Black creators and your Black icons?

Have a great week!


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