Obsessions March 6, 2021

I posted this on my Instagram this week but I love how this little vanity corner of my room turned out. Of course it only looked like that for a bout a week as I’ve already started to pack some of it up.

I feel like we came over the hump this week. Spring is clearly on the way, the days are getting longer, COVID cases are still falling (even though my community is moving from green to yellow on Monday), it just feels lighter and better than it did a couple weeks ago.

All the Devils are Here by Louise Penny

I devoured this book in a morning. Seriously, started reading around 7:30 am and was finished by 12:30pm. It was so good! All of the Gamache books are fantastic and I love that Louise Penny didn’t start her career as an author until she was in her 40s. I just love that she shows that you can change your life and your career whenever you choose.

I also cannot recommend the Gamache books enough.

WandaVision is a superb show. It finished yesterday and it makes me so excited for the MCU Phase 4. I did wonder after emotionally devastating all of us with Avengers: Endgame how they would move forward from there. And it makes me super excited for the rest of the television series they have coming because I can’t lie I was worried they would flop.

I finally started watching this today and so far it is so good! I have avoided all spoilers even though it has been out for ages and I’m really excited to not know how it ends! Is that weird?

Cadbury Mini Eggs | Candy Material Handling | Sanitary Machinery Design
Cadbury Mini-eggs. Image from Jantz Canada

I bought a huge bag of these after thinking about them for a week. How are these little things so good?

Ziploc Vacuum Storage Bags. Image from Amazon.

I’m moving next weekend and I bought these. I didn’t really think they would work. They are fantastic. They work better when you put big, fluffy things in there not little shirts or dresses but big sweaters or pillows and cushions. I was able to get about twice as much into a suitcase as I thought (and it takes the opportunity for my dad to put some of my nice cushions under furniture and ruin them).

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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