Obsessions: June 11

We left lockdown today!! I don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to see and there are no patios in this town to go to, but we left lockdown today! I can go buy socks! And hand towels, and get a spare key cut for my apartment, and command hanging things! I could have technically bought all of these things off Amazon (except the key obvi), but some of Ontario’s biggest outbreaks were happening at distribution centres like Amazon so I wanted to avoid that as much as possible. I’m also really excited to start exploring my new home a bit more, although I’m starting to plan going to my cousin’s wedding in England in August, so I may have to put a moratorium on money spending, oh and my mechanic said I need to buy a new car before the winter because it is rusting out from under me, love that.

But anyways, let’s get into the stuff I like.

Instagram Obsession: Carin Olson @parisinfourmonths

Her photography and her stories are so beautiful and soothing. She captures beauty in the simplest things, she even made the seagulls roosting on her neighbors roof look beautiful. If you like skies, the sparkles of moving water, Paris, Rome, and Stockholm (she’s also moving and hasn’t told us where yet), and fashion you will love her account.

TV/movie obsession: Loki

Okay, so I feel like I should say Dawson’s Creek because I’ve been watching it all week, HOWEVER, I just watched the first episode of Loki and as expected, it doesn’t disappoint. Also if you’ve been here for any of my previous obsessions posts during the WandaVision and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier eras then you know I am loving the MCU TV shows. And I also can’t believe that in all the Steve-messed-up the timeline stuff from Avengers: Endgame nobody talked about how Loki escaped -like of course that is the premise for how he continues to be alive. But this does slightly confuse me, is he now in MCU present day (because they are in like 2023, I think) or is this happening in 2012, the year that Loki created the alternate timeline? Are we going to talk about Steve messing up the timeline. Also, Tom Hiddleston’s abs – excuse me?

Also, I need to know, do we think the other Avengers cast members took the mickey out of him for the I ❤ TS moment? They must’ve right?

Also, I really hope I’m never presented with a print out of everything I’ve ever said, I repeat my most embarrassing and shameful moments as I’m trying to fall asleep enough without seeing it on paper.

Podcast Obsession: Boob Sweat with Katie Sturino

Okay, so she hasn’t released an episode in a while, although she did say on insta that she was coming back soon! But this week when my phone updated and the Apple Podcast’s app updated her episode on Friendship that I had never finished popped back up in my feed homescreen and I gave it a listen. I loved it so much! It was so good, so insightful. It made me want to buy her book even more.

ChomChom roller

Okay, I know I said at the top that I was trying not to shop from Amazon during the pandemic but this is my best Amazon purchase ever (I’ve only ever made like 10 purchases from Amazon but whatever). It has always driven me nuts how much cat hair there was in my bed and then on my pyjamas. It was really gross and I noticed it even more when I moved back out of my parents’ place, because Montana wasn’t allowed upstairs so my bed was nearly hair free there. I had seen the ChomChom somewhere on Instagram, I want to say on Caitlin Covington’s instagram (I don’t follow her anymore, but I did for a bit – no shade, I just can’t relate to her body type at all!). This is fantastic, the amount of hair it lifts off my sheets is insane. I generally do it at night before I get in bed, because while I am working Montana gets under my covers, whereas at night he stays on top of my duvet, and it is madness. I wouldn’t have believed that this thing worked so well.

Reese’s Thins White Chocolate

These are crack. Straight up crack. Do not buy them. They are so gd good.

Have a great weekend! I hope you are having better weather than we are! And if you’re in Ontario and live in a town big enough for a restaurant, hit a f’ckn patio for me please.


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