No-Buy Month

I spent way too much money in July, some of it was explainable. It was a magical three paycheque month (if you get paid bi-weekly there are 2 months a year were you get 3 paycheques in a month). Normally my paycheques are pretty accounted for, with the first one of the month being most … Continue reading No-Buy Month

Mid-Week Procrastination

So this is super late - oops, but I totally forgot that today was Wednesday and then I got a last minute appointment to have my summer tires put on and drove my car out there and then decided to walk back. The walk took two hours. It started raining. I got completely soaked. And … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

April Empties

Compared to March it looks like I didn't use anything up this month! Mostly, I just finished up some samples that I have had for several months. The nice thing about a Project Pan is that you actually do use those random things that you have accumulated over your years of purchasing. I do see … Continue reading April Empties

February Empties

So this is partly to help keep me honest about what I consume that has packaging/ keep track of my low buy/Project Pan. Also, when I moved home early January and was going through and KonMari-ing my stuff (still not done btw, when reading her book I was like there is no way it takes … Continue reading February Empties

Fast Fashion Series: Introduction

If you have spent time looking at your impact on the planet you have probably heard that fast fashion is not eco-friendly or ethical. They often exploit their workers and take advantage of workers in countries with really lax labour laws were they can pay them super small sums of money for really hard and … Continue reading Fast Fashion Series: Introduction