February Empties

So this is partly to help keep me honest about what I consume that has packaging/ keep track of my low buy/Project Pan. Also, when I moved home early January and was going through and KonMari-ing my stuff (still not done btw, when reading her book I was like there is no way it takes that long! It does.) I was kind of horrified by how many products and things I had. So this just helps to keep me accountable.

Everything I used up in February 2021

There are two main categories for my February empties; snack and personal care. I’m going to break them down, including where/how/why I got them, what I thought of the product and if I am or have already repurchased.

The “personal care” items I used up in 2021

First up is personal care items. These include two little body lotion samples, a shampoo bar, and contact solution.

First up is the two samples of body lotion. They come in a set, and I actually have two sets. One I got as my birthday gift or with Sephora points over the summer and the other was in my stocking at Christmas (so I’m guessing my mom got them the same was I did). I really like the scent of both of these, but overall I think I prefer the original Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream. It’s a little bit thicker, it smells literally amazing, and dries really nicely. The Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream maybe smells a little bit better, but it’s a thinner consistency and I felt slightly sticky; maybe not quite sticky but tacky?; after it dried. Still a good product, but not as good as the Bum Bum cream. Will I buy the Bum Bum cream? I’m not certain. I really like that it comes in a pot rather than something with a pump making it more easily recyclable but in general I’ve been moving away from scented products because so many people are so sensitive to them. So I would really consider it.

Next up is my contact solution. This is, in my opinion, the superior contact solution. I’ve been using Opti-Free since I started wearing contacts when I was 12 years old. I am not currently re-purchasing because I have a bit of a backlog of a lesser contact solution that I had been keeping at my parents and am now working through and another unopened bottle of this.

Now, I know that contacts are not eco-friendly. One of the things I want to do when I am employed again is see if I am a candidate for Lasik eye surgery. If I am, I will 100% do it. I would love to be able to wake up in the morning and see. It sounds magical. But I hate wearing glasses, when I horseback rode as a child they would always bounce down my nose and I hate not having peripheral vision because your glasses don’t go back over the side of your face. First world problems? Absolutely, but I love wearing contacts. On that note, please never wash your contacts down the drain! Terracycle has started a contact recycling endeavor with Bausch and Lomb or put them in the garbage.

Plenty and Spare Shampoo Bar and old Lush bar container

Now I have already repurchased this, which is how I am able to have the new bar in my “empties” picture. It is also really hard to take pictures of zero/low waste empties because there is nothing left! This is probably my third round of Plenty and Spare shampoo and conditioner bars in the last 18-20 months. I started using them because Kind Matter Company in Oakville and Milton stocks them and I literally lived 2 blocks from the Oakville location, but I actually like the way the make my hair look and feel than the Unwrapped Life or Lush bars that I had used previously. My hair with Unwrapped Life always felt very dry and staticky and with Lush I had super greasy roots and super dry ends and it just wasn’t pleasant! I use the Oat Wash Shampoo and Conditioner bars and I have already re-purchased both. This was also the first time I have had to get them shipped and it was super fast! I was very impressed.

Next up is the snack section. Now obviously I ate more food than this, but I’m not counting most of it for two reasons. 1. I am living at home with my parents and they are very graciously feeding me while I am here. 2. They have very different grocery buying habits than I and don’t pay as much attention to food that is wrapped in packaging as I did. 3. I’m not the only person eating of this packaging, except for these two things. So I got these little mini Kind bars to have in my room as mid-afternoon snacks. They are really good. I love the size and the amount of snack they are. I wish they came in a not individual packaged format and I’m not certain if I will re-buy but they are a really good option. And the second thing is a sleeve of Nespresso pods. Now. I know that these are truly awful for the environment. Terrible. However, there is no coffee place anywhere and by that I mean with 40 minutes, except for gas stations (and that’s not what I’m looking for when I get a coffee), nearby. And my mom got a Nespresso for Christmas, so I thought I would try it. My Lordy it is good. And while it doesn’t match my environmental goals it does match my financial goals. A pod is a lot cheaper than a latte out. I still haven’t quite figured out their recycling program, but if I continue to use this it is one of the number one things I am going to figure out in March. It says on the website that one of the red recycling bags would be automatically added to my order but I did not get one so I probably should have looked into this sooner.

Thanks for reading! I hope this shows you that it is okay to use what you have before transitioning to a low waste option and that those of us who have been “transitioning” for a while still have things we love and struggle to give up on even though we know it’s wasteful. The point of living low waste is not to make yourself miserable!!


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