No-Buy Month

I spent way too much money in July, some of it was explainable. It was a magical three paycheque month (if you get paid bi-weekly there are 2 months a year were you get 3 paycheques in a month). Normally my paycheques are pretty accounted for, with the first one of the month being most of my bills, credit card, cell phone, car insurance, water and electric; and then the 2nd paycheque is rent and student loan. So that third paycheque was essentially expandable, I also had several work reimbursements come through, and I got some money for my birthday. I also took a birthday trip to Thunder Bay, where I had access to a lot more things than I have in Sioux Lookout and was able to get somethings that had been on my list for months, but that I hadn’t wanted to order online and potentially not be happy with. So I spent more money than normal in July, but I have also been pondering doing a no-buy month for a bit. I like a challenge, there is something about a short-term challenge that I find very motivating and easy to stick to, easier than a long-term habit change (even though those would probably be better for my long-term lifestyle).

So I’ve decided to do a no-buy month for August 2021, this is slightly complicated by the fact that I will be buying a new car lol – but I live in a teeny-tiny remote town and the nearest Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire are over an hour away, so if I want to access most goods and services I need to drive and I quite often have to get to the airport for work and I don’t want to constantly be having to pay for taxis for that. I have gotten a taxi once in town and it was $40 for about a 6 kilometre ride, that would add up quickly.

Christina technically, was doing a low-buy, but she was also doing it for a year, so that’s fair.

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading pieces from people who have done them like this one by Olivia Muenter and this one in the Financial Diet about No-Buys and planning seems to be essential. First, figure out your absolute must expenses:

  1. Rent
  2. House bills: insurance, electric, water (that’s all I have but you may also have condo fees, security system fees, etc.)
  3. Car bills: insurance, payments (if you have them)
  4. Communications bills: internet and cell phone
  5. Student Loan
  6. Entertainment: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify
  7. Fitness: Aubre Winters’ Sweat Sessions Online Classes (I’m actually pausing this one because I feel like I haven’t been using it as much, but I have access until the 22nd of August)

And then figure out what you need to survive/ be professional that you cannot run out of (deodorant, soap, contact solution, socks, food, medications, pet care, etc.). And make your exceptions and not allowed lists:

Things that are absolutely not allowed to be purchased during my no-buy month are:

  1. Makeup and skin care (the exception would be a moisturizer or sunscreen, but I have more than enough to get through the month)
  2. Alcohol
  3. Candy/fast food (although I broke this this past weekend, I bought my friend lunch to thank them for driving me to look at cars; I feel like that should be okay?)
  4. Clothes/shoes
  5. New subscriptions
  6. Home stuff: furniture/decor, candles, etc.
  7. Craft supplies
  8. Needlepoint stuff (including new canvases and threads)
  9. Cat Toys

My exceptions are basically my bare essentials:

  1. Groceries (I still have to eat)
  2. Essential toiletries (I’m going to run out of face wash this month, and you can’t stop brushing your teeth to save money)
  3. Car/things related to buying a new car
  4. Coffee – I buy myself a coffee once a week and I love it.
  5. Cat food and litter (my cat still needs to eat and use the litter box)

So far this has been easy, because I can’t go anywhere because I don’t have a car and had the stomach flu and those two things make it very easy to not go out and spend money or online shop. But I get paid this Friday and that is my paycheque that normally has more wiggle room and where I tend to spend more on non-essential things so next week may be harder than the past two weeks have been.

Have you ever done a no-buy month? Any tips?


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