Obsessions: July 7th

For only the 2nd time ever I missed my normal Saturday posting of my Obsessions post. The first was because I was moving halfway across the country and hadn’t fully figured out the schedule post function, this time is because I have been throwing up violently for most of the weekend and could barely even watch TV without feeling nauseous. Sorry if that’s TMI.

Instagram Obsession: Carly Hill

I had heard of Carly for a long time through other influencers I follow, but didn’t actually follow her until pretty recently. I don’t know why I do that, I’ll put off following people, watching TV shows or movies, or reading books I know I’ll probably like for ages, like months to years and then finally follow/read/watch it and love it and wonder why I didn’t follow/watch/read it right away?

Anyways, Carly has a lot of similarities with my previous Instagram obsessions in that she’s got that classic, preppy, northeastern style, but she’s a little younger-seeming (I don’t know if she’s actually younger), a bit trendier, and more modern than say Carly Riordan, Krista Robertson, etc. I think I relate more to the life stage she is currently at, the number of influencers I follow who aren’t married and starting families is starting to dwindle and I have that in my personal life, I don’t need that in my internet life too! I also really love her travel guides, they are super simple and fancy without being crazy expensive. She also really makes me want a disco ball in my apartment.

TV/Movie Obsession: Outer Banks Season 2

Outer Banks was one of the only quarantine shows worthy of a second season, I do not need anymore Too Hot to Handle, Tiger King, or Love is Blind in my life. And episode 4 of the 2nd season gave me one of my favourite television lines all the time. I want to turn it into a needlepoint canvas (sidebar: I have decided that anytime I think “That could be a good tattoo” I’m going to needlepoint it first, then decide if it’s still a good tattoo). “Stupid things have good outcomes all the time” -JJ, which given that it’s his motto, could have been said in the first season, but I missed it then.

Does the show get a little bit more absurd this season, sure, is it still a fun, unsupervised teen story. Absolutely, and who doesn’t love those.

Podcast Obsession: Maintenance Phase

I think this was my podcast obsession last week, but this week’s episode was so incredibly good. They talk about the history of the body mass index (BMI) and how it is an inappropriate measure of health and a useless tool for medical professionals. I can’t say it any better than Aubrey Gordon did.

Random Obsession 1: Body Talk by Katie Sturino

I’ll be getting more into this in my “What I read in August” post in a few weeks, but I’ve been doing a lot of work to understand my body dysmorphia, disordered eating habits, and the effects that diet culture has had on my emotional and physical well-being and holy heck this book. It’s like a work book and I’m going to have to go through it a few times to be able to get all the benefits from it, but I am so obsessed with this book. I like that it is a book about bodies and body image without talking about what to eat or how to exercise at all. It is all about the mental and emotional stuff behind the physical stuff. It’s the first non-fiction book I have ever cried reading because it was cracking through stuff that I had forgotten about.

And I love all the illustrations.

Random Obsession 2: Moleskin Notebooks

This feels so pretentious, but when I was like a late-teen to early twenties, at the beginning of the hipster era, I wanted to be a moleskin person so bad, but I couldn’t afford them, and now I have a couple and I love these silly little notebooks so bad. They’re just the ruled version, so it’s literally just a lined notebook, but I love them. And it’s like one of those things that you imagined your adult self as and then you realize that you have become that person and it’s a good feeling.

And the mini is the *perfect* size for scrub pants pockets, no longer relevant to my life but god damn it was satisfying.

Have a great rest of your week!


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