July Empties

This was a big month for using stuff up. Some of it makes sense, a few things I have been using since last November and some were purchases I had to make because I haven’t yet got used to having to be prepared and planning ahead to avoid using plastic/packaged products.

This is a great example of not being prepared. I rant out of the TruEarth laundry strips and had laundry to do, so I went to Giant Tiger (one of two stores in town) and got these because that’s what was available. I do like these, they don’t irritate my skin and they obviously clean well but now that I know that there are low waste alternatives that can work just as well.

This was also a big candle month, I was burning them a lot to help differentiate between work from home time and living at home time, but now that they fires have gotten worse and closer and the smoke is worse I haven’t been doing that as much to try and reduce my in-home air pollution.

The Boy Smells X Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn candle, this is one of my long-time favourites. It can burn a bit smoky, but trim the wick regularly and it’s fine. I really love Boy Smells candles, but I do think that the Les scent is my favourite.

This is one of the best candles I have ever had, ever. I was so upset that is so small, I burned through it so quickly. I got it at Clay Moon Co. during my Kenora trip and it smells so amazing.

I wish I had burned this one first, it was nice, but it wasn’t nearly as nice as the sweet fig candle above. It was fine, but I won’t be repurchasing this one.

I was so relieved when I saw that this was in my empties box, I was digging around multiple times this week looking for my Advil for a headache and could not find it and this explained it. I love Advil LiquidGels for a headache, they work the best for me. I would love to be the person who “doesn’t take pills”, but I have shit to do every day and I can’t function with some of my headaches and this knocks them out.

I like this powder a lot, but I’m going to replace it with something that is refillable or something more “eco-friendly”. I haven’t really been wearing makeup a lot lately so there’s not a big rush. I’m also planning a no-buy for August and am still kind of working on my “exceptions list” and I could make a replacement for this an exception, but I’m not sure yet. I think I need to confirm when we are going back into the office and make sure that I have a replacement ordered in time for that. Which might put the purchase in August.

Another bottle of contact solution bites the dust, Lasik eye surgery keeps getting pushed farther and farther away. I didn’t include the pictures of the contact cases, because we have seen them every month, it didn’t seem necessary.

I really like this eye cream. I didn’t think the “brightening” aspect actually did anything, but now that I am using something else I think it really does. I also really like how long this lasted, I bought it like 1st or 2nd of November and used it up in July? So like 8-9 months? And it didn’t cause any breakouts or anything.

This is a desert island product for me. Holy grail, only three things you can take with you, type of product. It works great on your hands, on my eczema, on my face (in the summer and the winter). It’s perfect. I’m not currently re-buying it because I have some other stuff to use up, but I 100% will.

This is a fantastic dry shampoo, it definitely isn’t for people with dark hair, and you have to use sparingly or you will look grey. I also really love this because it’s not an aerosol and it is not packaged in mixed materials so it’s completely recyclable plastic.

Also I said people with dark hair shouldn’t use this, but my sister has brown hair and she once said “this is the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used”. So maybe not?

And toothpaste, I am fully back on the conventional toothpaste train. I do not like any of the low waste alternatives I have tried and I have yet to find one that I can relatively easily get with fluoride and I think teeth need fluoride.

If you have low waste translucent powder recommendations I’d love to hear them!


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