Mid-Week Procrastination: the return of movies, Tennessee’s Queen, and Snoop

It was a long weekend in Canada this week, so Tuesday was the first day of our week, but I really felt like it punched me in the gut, so it is the perfect time for this post.

A photo-journal of WASP Rot.

The best and most good Tennessean, Dolly Parton’s favourite makeup looks.

And in why Dolly Parton is the best and most good Tennessean, she invested all her royalties from Whitney Houston’s cover of I Will Always Love You, into a Black community in Nashville, and she calls it “the house that Whitney built”. I’m not crying, you are.

This is super cool; you put the name of an author your love into the search box and it creates a map of authors that are similar to help you find your next read! The Tourist Map of Literature.

One of the most iconic falls from The Princess Diaries (a movie I am 100% rewatching this week after just watching the trailer) was actually an accidental fall and they just kept it. It’s so perfect and just works so well.

And speaking of: a very relatable thoughts I had while re-watching The Princess Diaries.

I would love to really travel the East Coast, from Newfoundland down to Savannah, and these New England hotels are absolutely stunning.

Body positivity has left behind most of those that it was meant to lift up, and become ableist along the way.

Do you ever read something that is so sarcastic, so laced with condescension and bile that you would personally never be able to get out, but it expresses every inner thought you have had on that topic. Yup, this letter to all the men who haven’t sexually harassed me, does just that.

I want a society where job hunters are not at the mercy of job posters, so that we can all come together and boycott any job posting that doesn’t announce the salary immediately and get them to change their ways. Unfortunately, we live in capitalism and need money to pay rent and eat.

I obviously binge-watched Season 2 of Outer Banks this past weekend, and this 24-Hours with Madelyn Cline, literally seems like my dream day. I also the love the self-awareness “there’s a thousand of me out here”, because she’s just another beautiful blonde actress. Get it girl. Also I feel very bad that you had to wear the same dirty outfit for half the season, I really hope you got regular showers.

A reflection on the “That Girl” trend.

An interview with Kathryn Hahn that is attempting to be disguised as an ad, instead of an ad disguised an interview. How novel!

The best part of the Olympics, as a self-proclaimed horse girl, is watching not-horse-people discover dressage.

Our bodies changed in lockdown, a natural result of being trapped in your home and not having anything to do but work and watch TV, now how to dress for a re-opened world.

I am SO pumped for the Green Knight movie, one of the plays I was in in high school was Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I was the narrator, on stage for the whole play and with the most lines so I cannot wait to see it on the big screen and test the script and myself!

No photo description available.
17 year old me in dress rehearsal for Sir Gawain and the Green Night. I think I still have that shirt, but it actually fits me now…

We are up for an amazing fall of movies, and I don’t know if it’s all the trailers that are getting released or that I was in a theatre a couple weekends ago and was so happy but I am pumped. Although I don’t know if there is a theatre in Dryden so I may have to wait for the streaming releases anyways but whatever, still psyched!

Have a great rest of your week!


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