Mid-Week Procrastination: Time is fake and women I’m obsessed with

How does time move so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time?! I am still over here thinking that 2022 is two years from now but we are in the second week of August 2021! What is happening to this year? I feel like we are stuck in a time loop of March to June 2020, although I am really hoping that we can get child vaccines approved soon and have the same relative success we have had in Canada and Ontario so far and continue the slow meander back to post-pandemic (meander, because it’s not exactly a straight and easy path).

I’ve also so far been doing everything I can to avoid reading the latest climate report. I’m not at all mentally or emotionally prepared for the inevitability of what that report says and means for us. So let’s get into the distraction of this week shall we?

Beyoncé did an interview! Beyoncé did an interview! The presses already know or else I’d tell you to alert them, I love when she does interviews, she is such a thoughtful, articulate person and I’m obsessed with her.

I got warned about my current workplace before I started working here, and I have had my guard up the whole time, so articles like this have been interesting reads. Also, if you haven’t already heard “we’re like family here” is a warning sign in job descriptions or interviews.

I don’t normally care who actually wins reality TV contest shows, but when I tell you I screamed with joy when Andrea Pitter won Season 2 of Making the Cut. I loved all of her clothes, she was the most consistent throughout the season, and was just overall an incredible competitor and designer throughout the show. I also really liked Andrea Salazar’s clothes, but her designs are more of a fantasy self, ideal version of me than who I actually am.

I love this piece that Grace wrote about living alone.

I’m not sure if it is all Jen Psaki masterminding Olivia Rodrigo and the Gen-Z engagement currently happening in the White House, but bringing in Benny Drama for this video (God I hope it’s a series), is genius. It’s called initiative.

Speaking of Jen Psaki, I am obsessed. She is a real life version of Kal Penn’s press secretary character in Designated Survivor. She is unflappable, she takes no prisoners, she is a boss. And of course she’s a ginger *hair flip*.

I really want to stay in this adorable vacation rental (I have no clue what platform they’re on, but if you’re going to Perth, AirBNB is probably a safe bet).

Women I’m obsessed with seems to be a theme this week, Carla Rockmore is a TikToker I adore. She’s older, her 50s? maybe? She dresses so amazingly, and her house seems so cool.

A movie that sounds like a remake of The Holiday, but with Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher.

10 questions to ask in that section of a job interview.

Adult lunchables.

I am 100% trying this recipe for pan con tomate, I ate it all the time when I was in Spain. Like literally three times a week. I have yet to find a recipe that is as good as this place on Calle Libreros in Alacalá de Henares (that doesn’t seem to exist anymore from Google Maps).

Excuse the blurry 2014 photo, but I lived on this stuff.

I’ve been struggling with work motivation and focus, I’m going to try out some of the tips from this article about motivation.

If you’re single in a pandemic…

Listen, we’re only eating Rihanna if she says there will never be another album, okay leftists? Okay???

I’ve got more of an itch to run away to Madrid this week in Paris, but Madrid does seem like the perfect place to have long weekends in Paris from, non?

I love this makeover designed for a young woman with muscular dystrophy, her scooter, and her adorable assistance dog. I love seeing it featured on a major YouTube account, you go Drew!

Have a great rest of your week!


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