Obsessions: April 17

Normally I write this post on Friday nights, but the news of our lockdown being extended made me not do anything last night.

I agree that lockdown should be extended, we need further public health measures because this is the worst the pandemic has ever been in Ontario. Our new cases daily, our hospitalizations daily, patients in the ICU, our percent positive, all are higher than ever before. I just can’t believe that it’s coming with increased policing and without enforced paid sick days. And without closing facilities like Amazon’s distribution centres in Brampton. But I digress, I can’t keep thinking about it if I’m going to get through until May 20th.

Instagram Obsession: @parisinfourmonths

I have followed Carin for years. I think I found her while I was on exchange in Spain in 2014 and her photography and story-telling are stunning. I have loved her content through quarantine as well, even though it is obviously different from her pre-pandemic high-fashion content. It makes me with I lived somewhere where my daily walks could be as beautiful as hers.

TV obsession: The Crown

I know this is old news but I started re-watching The Crown on Netflix last weekend after the news of Prince Phillip’s death. I also have never watched season 3 or 4 so I’m starting right at the beginning again. I find it so fascinating, and horrifying. The things that members of the Royal Family say, particularly when they are on their tours of what were then colonies are so racist and disgusting. There was a snipet of a speech Princess Margaret gave in then-Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) that talked about how a tiny community of white settlers turned the s***** land into a fruitful, safe, and prosperous nation that was nauseating to hear just that like 15 second portion. Truly disgusting.

It also has me thinking about how the decisions of one person can ripple through history.

Like if King Edward had not abdicated the throne, QEII would not be Queen, Diana might be alive, Meghan might have not had such an awful time and been so abused by the press, England might have been on the Axis side of WWII.

If the Church, Cabinet and the Queen had allowed Margaret to marry the divorced guy?

If Camilla hadn’t gotten married while Charles was away?

If Eden hadn’t been so determined to make a name for himself as a military man?

It’s enough to make your head explode. It’s also incomprehensible that the decisions of some people have so much weight and impact on the world, but the choices of most people will never be noted. *insert head exploding emoji*

Podcast: West Cork

Is it weird for a true crime podcast to feel like a hug? I think it is likely just the accents and how much like home and visiting my family they sound like but even though this is a murder investigation podcast it feels so comfortable. The story is also interesting, although it does seem like a bungled investigation. The classic story of a small town force that has never investigated a murder before and having resources coming in from hours or days away that leads to lost evidence and degradation of the crime scene so that nothing useful is left. I think it was release on Audible a few years ago but now it is available to us cheapskates on Apple Podcasts. Also I am so grateful to have been reminded of the phrase “the back of beyond” I grew up hearing it and honestly there is not better way to describe where I live now.

Is it weird to be obsessed with a yogurt? Because I think I am. It’s expensive so I don’t buy it that much but ugh it’s so good. It’s so thick and creamy and sweet and tart and I just love it. I’ve been putting it into a very tiny bowl to make the tub last for a couple weeks. It’s the Liberte Mediterranee Lemon yogurt and it is sooooo good.

Liberté Méditerranée Lemon 9%

I know that I recently wrote a post about how much I want a couch, however I need to write a love note to my chair. It’s the Hampton Bay Cayman Egg chair and I love her so much. She has been a bit of a pain, with the base not fitting into my car, not fitting into my parent’s house, but it is just so comfy and so pretty and I love how when you sit in it it feels a bit like a nest and very safe and protected from all sides and there’s room for my cat and I to cuddle up together. It’s just a fantastic chair.

I got this chair at Home Depot last year, I got the last one in Ontario according to the girl who helped me, it’s still on the website if you are interested and it’s the Hampton Bay Cayman Egg Chair and I think in the US it was available at Target.

Have the best weekend!


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