Mid-Week Procrastination

The apathy is strong this week, or maybe it’s not apathy maybe it’s that thing the New York Times talked about last week that everyone was sharing (it’s in here don’t worry if you missed it) but it’s kind of between enthusiasm for life and apathy caused by a simple lack of stimulation; languishing. And I just related to it so much.

Here is that article, it is not that you don’t have energy, it’s not hopelessness, at least not anymore now that there are vaccines, but it’s also not joy, happiness, or feeling purposeful. We are languishing in our sixth month of continuous lockdown/stay-at-home.

This article about the work wife came at just the right time because good lord I miss all my previous work besties so gosh dang much. I hate starting a new job working from home. I mean I love some parts of working from home, I love doing my chores on my lunch break so I can completely chill when I get done and don’t feel like I have to do anything. But I miss chatting to people on lunch and getting to know the person in the cubicle next to me or being able to make eye contact across the room with someone and know exactly what that person is thinking. And then basically never seeing them outside the workplace, except maybe for drinks or dinner on a work night but it keeps it magical.

But I can’t complain. I think this is feeding into the apathy and languishing discussed above. We’re in lockdown, but look at India, I can’t complain. This town sucks, but I’m housed and fed and safe and ok so I can’t complain. There is someone out there who has it so much worse than I so I can’t complain, right?

I am in love with @Tinx on social media. Both TikTok and Instagram. I love how she is bringing back the girls-girl but not in like a girl boss way, she makes me so happy, and maybe inspires me to have a morning routine (who IS she?). Her podcast episode with Diet Starts Tomorrow was so good!

This is back on the eco-friendly thing but I really like this article discussing brands, that by most standards would be considered to be sustainable, they definitely aren’t fast fashion brands, but are themselves saying “we are not sustainable”. But honestly, no brand or person can live a truly sustainable life. We will leave an impact on the planet, we will create waste. It is impossible for us to live and not consume and make waste. So I like that these brands are bringing that to light.

I just started listening to this podcast yesterday, it is so fascinating. I am definitely finishing this D.C. Snipers series and then listening to the Princess Diana and Tuskegee Syphilis Trials series.

This article about the restoration of Big Ben is so interesting, and it’s so cute/funny how they use coins to adjust the timing of the clock when it gets a bit off!

I am so excited that there are going to be TerraCycles for beauty products in Nordstroms all over North America. I know there are only a few stores in Canada, but it is going to make proper recycling of beauty product packaging so much easier and more accessible for so many people!

I love this episode of Kelsey’s Making Home series, I am on such a living room kick because it is the area I need the most help with and I love the way hers turned out and that it is similar to mine in that it has to serve as a transitional space as well (my front door literally opens into my living room) so this was super helpful!

This discussion of condiments, sauces, and dips actually made me laugh out loud but I still don’t have an answer.

I ended up down a slight rabbit hole of famous gingers’ morning and skin care routines. It was fun.
I know, I know, two Sorry Girls’ videos in one post but Iiiiii’mmm soooorry how did they thrift that couch! It makes me miss the GTA because FBMarketplace and Kijiji up here are drier than a single girl in quarantine.

I hope you have a great rest of your week!


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