Obsessions: May 1

The blog has been quiet this week, I have been a content beast at work and I am basically cross-eyed and seeing double by the end of the day and it is basically impossible to look at a computer screen after work. It’s the cobbler’s kids don’t have shoes and the vet’s pets aren’t vaccinated of the internet world.

Instagram Obsession: @beingbernz

I feel very grateful to be such a small blogger for this one, because if I was internet famous this one would catch me some heat, but I feel I have to make Hannah Berner my Instagram obsession this week. I have been following her since her Betches days because I thought her horoscopes were so funny (and Betches horoscopes have been no where near as good since) and I started watching Summer House because of Hannah. Her jokes are so relatable and even though I’m not really one for poop talk I think she is so funny and while her reactions this summer may have been over the top I kind of get it. If I was filmed 24/7 for 6 weeks and was having conflicts with a ton of the other people in the house I would 100% either snap or hide in my room the whole time, which seems to me like that’s exactly what Hannah did. I also always remind myself that we see an hour? minus commercials of a 24/7 filmed reality TV show. There’s probably thousands of hours of footage that we don’t see, and basically the only drama was brought by Hannah. Yeah, there was Lindsay and Stravy, but Lindsay’s drama is always the same every summer and I’m very over it.

TV Obsession: Frankie Drake Mysteries

Okay I am so upset that this has gotten cancelled and um CBC what the heck did you do to the last season. There is no way that last episode is the last episode. It’s as much of a cliffhanger and when Missing got cancelled and Antonio got blown up in the FBI van and we never catch the guy or even find out if he is dead or not. CBC’s list of recent cancellations is also whack, Schitt’s Creek I get, I think it wrapped well and was time, but I think there was more from Anne with an E, Kim’s Convenience, and X Company? There was more to do there and just leaving Frankie Drake completely unfinished is so rude. Especially when Murdoch Mysteries is just so past it’s best and is still being renewed. It has a very Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries but younger and Canadian.

Podcast Obsession: You’re Wrong About

Okay, this is so good. I have so far listened to the D.C Sniper series and the Y2K episode, and cannot wait to get into the Lady Diana series. I started the Prom Mom episode and could not get past the intro, neonaticide is apparently my true crime limit.

But it’s so intelligent and I love how they talk about the “true crime tropes” and go deep to really explain the story.

I am in love with this kitchen decoration video, it is so simple and I adore that lemon wall paper!

And lastly we must have the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it was so superb. Sam going off at the government leaders about doing the right thing and oppression after the big battle and Bucky being happy, invited to the cookout, and clearly the new uncle of the family is just so heartwarming. I do totally understand how this was supposed to be before WandaVision originally though. They probably thought we needed something happy and hopefully after decimating our soles with Endgame, but then they changed their minds and decided to crush us emotionally twice in a row and then give us a bit of joy again. I’m also really enjoying being able to spend more time in their worlds and see the aftereffects of all the stuff that the Avengers have done, not just hoping from one crisis to another paying no mind to the regular people. It’s like the TikToks of the Avengers’ Insurance.

You only need to watch the first 20 seconds of this, you’re welcome.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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