January in Review

January has been such a great month, 2023 seriously has a lot to live up to. It was so fun, I spent so much time with people I love, and got to do so many things and it was just a great time. I started off the New Year with a hot mat Pilates class … Continue reading January in Review

Financial Fitness Check-In: December 2022

Welcome to the first financial fitness check-in where I am using my own spreadsheet rather than Mint and a pen and paper. It's kind of it's first test run. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to combine what I've classed as my "Bills" chart and my "Expenses" chart into one pie chart … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: December 2022

2023 Blog Plans & Changes

As we enter into 2023 I will be entering into my third year of running this little blog and I have been really thinking about what is working, what isn't, and where I want this to go and if I want this to go anywhere at all! Outside of work and my cat, this blog … Continue reading 2023 Blog Plans & Changes

Things We Aren’t Taking into 2023

This started out as a list of tasks, things I've been saying I'm going to do in 2022, that I have never gotten around to. Things I've been saying for months I'm going to do, and not done be it out of procrastination, exhaustion, or deprioritization, it doesn't matter. But then as I was thinking … Continue reading Things We Aren’t Taking into 2023

Vibes for 2022

This is a much more woo-woo version of a New Years Resolution Post. I don't know if I believe in manifestation or anything like that but I know that I want this year to be more fun, if that makes sense. And I know that is probably a really weird thing to say on the … Continue reading Vibes for 2022

KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 1

I took a bit of a break from Marie Kondo-ing my stuff for a bit because it was becoming a complete distraction from applying to jobs, which is supposed to have been the whole point of me quitting my job and even though I haven't spent any money I have been getting very worried about … Continue reading KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 1