Things We Aren’t Taking into 2023

This started out as a list of tasks, things I’ve been saying I’m going to do in 2022, that I have never gotten around to. Things I’ve been saying for months I’m going to do, and not done be it out of procrastination, exhaustion, or deprioritization, it doesn’t matter. But then as I was thinking about it, I started to think about how there should be more than just a to-do list that I don’t carry with me, it can absolutely get more esoteric? existential? emotional? all of the above?

The To-Do List

  • Clean up second bedroom: get rid of old boxes that I was storing for what I thought was my imminent move, clean out empties basket at the end of the year (and do analysis), clean out desk and go through papers, take donation items to the Salvation Army, list items I want to sell (desk, desk chair, lamp, maybe this wire rack thing I have).
  • Send pictures of old letters to current initiated members – I messaged one of the girls currently active in my old sorority chapter about sending them some of my old letters since they don’t fit and I don’t need nor want as many lettered clothes as I did in college back in September. They responded back asking for pictures and I haven’t sent them yet and it’s probably been a month.
  • Take the bag of clothes to recycle to the bins in Dryden.
  • Clean out my pantry/recycling/linens cupboard. I think it’s just trying to do too many things at once and it’s not working.
  • Clean out my laundry/utilities closet – it is absolutely a fire hazard.
  • Clean out fridge.

A couple of these I got a good start on this weekend. I went through my fridge for expired products, now I need to go through and take everything out and wash the drawers and shelves. I also packed up all my boxes and will be putting them out for recycling this week. I sorted the things I want to take to the Salvation Army, but I still need to go through my papers and desk and light my desk lamp, chair, and the desk itself for sale on Facebook Marketplace. I’m not certain what I’m going to do with the space next, I am seriously considering a roommate. I have a lot of guilt about living in a town with a severe housing shortage and having a spare bedroom. But the one thing is I would only want a short-term renter so I wouldn’t always have to have a roommate, but then I would need to own a second set of bedroom furniture and that is a big investment and not really something I am interested in.

The other stuff to leave behind

  • Not prioritizing physical heath – be it sleep, making proper meals, or a consistent exercise routine I have to make my physical health a priority. Especially sleep, I feel like a lot of my issues would be solved by proper sleep.
  • Crushes you have not intention of acting on.
  • Uncomfortable and poorly fitting underwear.
  • Waiting for someone to realize that they are wrong about you.
  • Doing or watching things you don’t enjoy.
  • 5+ hour screen time.
  • Not saving money.
  • Internalized slut-shaming and fatphobia directed at yourself.

As you can see the list ranges from the potentially mundane (properly fitting underwear) to the very deep stuff that may require a real therapist. Some of them, I have no idea how to actually leave in 2022

Do you have anything that you are planning on leaving in 2022?


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