Friday Favourites: Solo travel, serums, and in/out lists

I have been up north all week and I am so ready to get home. I’m tired, I miss my cat, my bed, and my Christmas decorations. I also broke both thumb nails this week and didn’t bring any nail supplies and have just had to deal with them for the whole week. Which now means I will need to add at least a nail file to my pack and while a nail file is not large I already travel with so much stuff. I swear it does not matter if it is for a day or a week, or three weeks, I always have boxes and boxes of stuff. It is mostly work supplies, and I always return home with about 1/4 of the stuff I came with, if not less. But still, the idea of anything else in my personal kit is so overwhelming (this rant also has me wondering if I should do a post with a list of the stuff I travel with as I travel around the north – because it’s very different from what other work trips look like).

Social Media Favourite: Olivia Muenter @oliviamuenter

Olivia has been one of my social media favourite before, but this week she rose like cream back to the top with her Insta-stories. She has been on a solo trip in Edinburgh for the past week and has had no qualms sharing the high highs and the incredibly low lows that solo travel can contain. I think social media is getting better at showing the honest picture, but it is still mostly a highlight reel. Especially, travel influencers or travel content. So I loved how honest she was about everything that went wrong, and that she shares it with such a lightness and humour because at the end of the day travel is such an immense privilege and we are so lucky to be able to travel that you should find humour in what goes wrong. Because everything that goes wrong is usually a first-world problem, and Kim, there’s people that are dying.

Movie/TV Favourite:

I have been up north in a couple different communities and have not watched a single show or movie this week.

Podcast Favourite: Retail Therapy 026: The In/Out Report

There is nothing, nothing, I love more than people unashamedly sharing the things they are into and the things they are so over. In a light way, obviously if it just gets into a bitch-fest then it’s not fun anymore, but it’s so fun when it’s things like restaurant menu QR codes and reservations. Where it’s really not that deep, but you can make it as deep as you want.

The Spotify in post player widget isn’t loading, so my apologies for sending you straight to Spotify if you normally listen here.

Random Favourite 1: Travel Towels

I have been travelling around the north with my travel towel for a while now, but I don’t always have to use it. It’s more of a precaution in case I ever end up somewhere without towels (which has happened, I travel with a roll of toilet paper as well just in case because that has also happened), and I’ve been using it this week. There were towels where I was staying they just were very small. So I used my travel towel. I don’t love the experience of drying myself off with one, it’s more of a pat dry than a rub dry experience, however I adore how quickly it dries so that I can pack it this morning basically right after I get out of the shower and it takes up basically no space in my pack, which is also very important because I am always bringing so much stuff with me on these work trips.

Radom Favourite 2: Biossance Squalane + Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum

In the last Sephora sale I needed a restock of my all-time holy grail Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, and I noticed that they had a gift set with a full size of the face oil and a couple other products in travel size, including this serum. Which I didn’t expect to like, I have a hard time balancing the idea that we want our skin to be plump but not our bodies??? But besides the point, this stuff is so hydrating. I have been in some seriously dry environtments in the past month with winter fully gripping the north and I think I will unfortunately, given the price, be buying the full-size.

Have a great weekend!


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