December State of the Union

December has felt like when everything has finally come to a head. Frustrations, crushes, tasks and projects, tiredness, things I’ve been putting off, everything just feels like it’s all teetering on the edge of crashing down and I am so excited to be having the upcoming break. I am heading home for the holidays on Wednesday, I’m taking time off work, time off here, time off socially, all of it. I need a full break. I have some social plans for the week after New Years, but other than that, I’m just going to sleep and eat and spend time with my family and I cannot wait.

I want to specifically share the baked oatmeal recipe I’ve been making pretty frequently for the past few weeks. It travels really well, is really filling, and delicious.

I don’t really want to elaborate on everything, but there is one I do. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I sometimes say things as jokes, or not seriously, that are actually very true statements. I was talking to a friend of mine a few Saturdays ago, it was like 5am and I was just heading home, because I had to take my contacts out. And I said, “Someday I’ll bring my contact cases and then I can hang all night”, and he made a joke about influencing me, and I said “I’m not very easily influenced.”, and I left out the fact that my not being very easily influenced is borne out of a time when things happened because I was so scared of hurting people that I allowed myself to get hurt, to hurt myself. I said “I’m not very easily influenced” as a joke, but it is far more true, and much more hard-earned that I originally gave myself credit for. So maybe more accurately this should be being honest with yourself.

December Bucket List

  • Go ice skating (or as most Canadians would say, skating)
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Try all the holiday drinks at my coffee shop
  • Relax
  • See friends and family

December To-Do List

  • Christmas shopping
  • Travel a crap-ton for work
  • Clean out spare bedroom
  • Clean out laundry/utilities closet
  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean out desk
  • Post desk, chair, and desk lamp on FBMP

So I’m actually pretty impressed with how well I did on my November and December to-do lists. From October to November I carried over 5 out of the 7 items. This time I carried over 2 out of 7, and I have them mostly done. I have edited how I am classing cleaning out the fridge for December, just because I’m out of time. I have gone through everything and gotten rid of everything that is expired and vacuumed out the drawers, and that’s going to be it for now. I also cleaned out my laundry/utilities closet literally yesterday. I still have a few things to sort out, I don’t have my curling broom in there yet and I think I may still want to do a peg board instead of the mixture of command hooks and nails that I currently have going on

I mostly cleaned out the spare bedroom, it is no longer shameful to have someone go in there. But I haven’t gotten my desk cleaned out and all my desk stuff listed. I literally have not used them since we went back in the office. Barely even touched them, so I think I want to pass them on to someone who will use them. Then I want to actually decide what I am going to do with that space. So far I am between a workout space/craft room – and then not joining the gym, or getting a roommate. I’m really not sure. They both have immense pros and cons.

What I’m Watching

  • Dream Home Makeover Season 4
  • FIFA Uncovered
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • The Polar Express
  • Harry Potter (so far 1-5)

I haven’t had as much time for watching stuff lately, so I don’t have a huge list this month. But there will likely be more while I’m home that I’m not planning for.

What I’m Listening To

I did a terrible job of updating my November playlist, I hope I can remember for the rest of the month. There’s not much Christmas music on there at the moment, that may change, but if you aren’t vibing with the holiday music this may be a good playlist for you. Also, yes that is the American exclusive track from Taylor Swift’s last album. It will probably get taken down soon, so enjoy it while we can.

And lastly, a wee bit of a blog update. I’m going to be making some changes to what I post in the New Year. Mostly, condensing all the new month content into this post. Not everything, but some of it. I think the What I Reads for sure will be here, and the Empties are going away. I’ll get into it a bit more in my New Year’s update post. I will be posting this week until Wednesday the 21st and then taking a full week off until the 28th.

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Christmas! I hope you get to take some time off over the next couple weeks no matter what you celebrate.


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