2023 Vibes

This is my more woo woo version of the New Year’s posts. It’s more about the energy that I want to have in the new year and want to experience in the new year.

I think this is also always my shortest post of the year as the images that I pick tell most of the story.

To me these images suggest success (as measured by our capitalist society, of course), warmth, care, professionalism. Potentially a little girl boss? which I know is passé and it’s not really what I’m going for. But well-dressed, well-groomed, fun, fit, and feminine are basically what I am going for this year.

The one thing that I do find intriguing about these images that I was drawn to is that I would say that they all show a certain amount of wealth/conspicuous consumption? Or maybe privilege is the better word? The products that exemplify self-care and beauty, the free time to workout and go to museums. It is intriguing me that in a year when I have expressed that I want to and know that I really do want to pay off debt and save up money I have selected images that require spending a fair bit of money. So I’m going to do some thinking about that.

The other area is kind of my “career-woman era”, I’m still very much a “young professional” but I’m also not a total newbie to the corporate world anymore. So this is my time to kind of sort out what kind of professional I want to be, find my mentors and really sort myself out. A lot of my 20s was figuring out what I don’t want to do, translator, poultry geneticist, vet/vet tech, epidemiologist, etc. and now that at least have it narrowed down to a field I can start to narrow it down even more to my professional personality if you will.

So that is it for 2023 vibes. For some reason I have a feeling that there may be a vibe shift partway through the year, I guess we’ll see what happens this year and what we will need to do to adjust to what the world throws my way.


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