Holiday Outfit Bonanza

I have had the best two weeks off. My holiday travel went so smoothly, my time at home was so chill and relaxing, and since I came to the city for the last week of my vacation I have had the absolute best time catching up with friends, absorbing all the city sights and sounds, making sure all my old favourite places are still open and survived the pandemic. I took the streetcar across town yesterday morning (big deal for me, streetcars used to terrify me) and found myself literally holding my breath as we glided past some of my old Queen St. East favourites. They were all still there, thank heavens. It’s just been a big soul-feeding trip and I am loving every second.

High: I think just generally being home. We didn’t really do anything and my family’s biggest gift to me was a nasty cold, but it was just so nice to go to bed whenever I wanted and to get up whenever I wanted. To not go anywhere. After traveling so much for work it was so nice to just be in one spot for over a week.

And then I think I have to have a second one, coming down to Toronto and seeing a bunch of friends and my friend Jane’s New Year’s party. Jane makes great friends (I say as one of them) but she just attracts such lovely, interesting people.

Low: My family being sick while I was home and then giving it to me. It wasn’t that bad because we just stayed at home and weren’t really missing out on anything but it was still not nice to be sick over my vacation.

*Last minute, late night edit to add that I think my new low is breaking my 2nd biggest toe by dropping my phone on it on New Year’s Eve, it is really interfering with my plans to walk everywhere in the city.


What I did: Went to work in the office, unpacked from last week’s work trips, and repacked for my Christmas vacation.

What I wore: Blouse – old – Talbot’s, Pants – old – The Shoe Lounge


What I did: Traveled from Sioux Lookout to home for Christmas. Drove from Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay, flew Thunder Bay to Toronto and Toronto to Ottawa.

What I wore: Vest – L.L. Bean, Pullover – Joe Fresh, Joggers – Joe Fresh, Bag – old – a street vendor in Cordoba, expression – 4 am wakeup to drive to the airport.


What I did: did some last minute Christmas shopping, returned a dress to Nordstrom

What I wore: Dress – old – Joe Fresh, Tights – Snag, Boots – Doc Marten, Bag – old – a street vendor in Cordoba


What I did: stayed home? I don’t remember doing anything, but if we didn’t do anything why am I wearing jeans?

What I wore: Sweater – old – Talbots, Jeans – Madewell

Sunday – Christmas Day

What I did: Spent the day at home with the family with all our Christmas traditions, my sister and her fiancé came over for dinner.

What I wore: Turtleneck – Talbots, Tights – Snag, Skirt – old – Anthropologie

Monday – Boxing Day

What I did: Absolutely nothing, read an entire book in one day. I think I had to do laundry because I was out of underwear.

What I wore: Top – Girlfriend Collective, Leggings – Aerie

Tuesday-Thursday (excuse the mirror change, I forgot to take a picture but knew I had one thanks to being a career outfit repeater). And yes, I did where this outfit for four days straight. I think it got washed once in there.

What I did: Was sick, read books, watch movies

What I wore: Matching set – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: Went to lunch and wandered around the shops in Arnprior with my Mom

What I wore: Sweater – old – Blush (RIP), Pants – old – Joe Fresh, Belt – Mark’s Work WearHouse

Saturday – New Year’s Eve

What I did: Travelled down from Ottawa to Toronto (not in this), went to a New Year’s Eve Party

What I wore: Turtleneck – Talbots, Tights – Snag, Skirt – Anthropologie, Pumps – old – Nordstrom

Sunday – New Year’s Day

What I did: Went to a PilatesxYoga Blend class at Sweat and Tonic in Toronto

What I wore: Top – Girlfriend Collective, Leggings – Aerie, Boots – Doc Marten

Sunday part 2:

What I did: Got coffee, the Bata Shoe Museum, and lunch with my sorority sister Brittany

What I wore: Sweater – old – Blush (RIP), Pants – old – Joe Fresh, (I forgot my belt today and regretted it all day), Bag – Beis, Boots – Doc Marten

I hope you had a great holiday season and have a great week!


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