The Friday Edit Vol. 1

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week, whether you were back to work this week or, like me, you took this week as extra time. This week I am experimenting with this new format, kind of a combination of Friday Favourites and Saturday Scroll/Mid-Week Procrastination. If you have any thoughts about it please feel free to share them with me in the comments or via email.

What I did this week:

This week was all about absorbing the city and time with my friends as much as possible. If you are in Toronto or making a trip to Toronto I cannot recommend the Bata Shoe Museum enough, it was so interesting.

I am actually writing this from the airport and am heading home today, so this post is basically my return to real life. I’ve had such a great week living my city girl fantasy life.

Fun // Interesting // Introspective

2023 general horoscopes: here and January here.

With New Year’s Resolutions upon us, I keep thinking about how similar this time of year is to the “That Girl” trend. Now as you know, I don’t think resolutions or the trend are inherently toxic when done right, but there are many people who think they are, so you do you.

What can grown-ups learn from the Glow Up.

I don’t watch Love Island, but it’s been impossible to avoid the implications of these dating shows on the contestants’ mental health, so this protocol that Love Island is adopting is very interesting.

I didn’t watch Miley Cyrus’s New Year’s Eve Special, but OMG the outfits.

Make your financial New Year’s Resolutions stick by grounding them in your values.

The 10 most anticipated movies of 2023.

Lessons learned from dating in 2022.

Vivienne Westwood remembered in iconic runway moments.

The biggest TikTok beauty trends of 2022.

Between where I live and my love of workout classes I am still an online workout girlie, if you are as well, here’s how to get the most out of your online workouts.

However, if you are a gym girlie, be nice to the resolutioners.

Grace gives me some of my best book recommendations, here’s all of her reads ranked by genre of 2022.

The most anticipated albums of 2023.

The way Lily James uses perfume to get into character is fascinating.

What gives you awe?


Part 1 of an update to How to Romanticize Winter.

2023 Vibes.

2023 Goals // Plans// Aspirations.

Everything I wore over the holidays.

Pretty and Practical

I got the Beis Work Tote for Christmas and it has been a workhorse bag this week and I am so impressed.

I have had a slip dress on my shopping list for ages and I bought this one and wore it the next day. I got it in black, but it comes in so many colours.

I have decided that I must update my luggage this year and I think I have decided upon these Monos carry-on and checked bags. Side note: I linked direct to their website, but I think the checked bags are cheaper at Nordstrom.

Have a wonderufl and restful weekend!


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