The Friday Edit: Vol. 13

Why do I feel like I'm breathing something into the universe by putting Friday and 13 in the same title, but it'll be fine. I also had every intention of getting this up last Friday, and had it well started, but then I didn't get off a Zoom meeting until 9 pm and still hadn't … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 13

The Friday Edit Vol. 5

What I Did This Week This week was incredibly boring. It was the first really, really cold week of the winter so far and so it's just been work and hibernation and trying to remember to go out and start my car ten minutes before I leave so that the engine can warm up from … Continue reading The Friday Edit Vol. 5

Saturday Scroll : 01/15/2022

Happy Saturday! I hope you Americans are enjoying your long weekend, I really wish Canada had another holiday in January, it would help with the adjustment back after the holidays. Not that I am making light of MLK Day, it is rightfully a sombre holiday, but MLK Day wouldn't make sense in Canada, so we … Continue reading Saturday Scroll : 01/15/2022