The Friday Edit Vol. 5

What I Did This Week

This week was incredibly boring. It was the first really, really cold week of the winter so far and so it’s just been work and hibernation and trying to remember to go out and start my car ten minutes before I leave so that the engine can warm up from -30 to a drivable temperature.

The heat in the office went out for about half a day, but it meant that I got to work from home for a day and a half which I loved. Although, I do think I prefer working from the office, but I significantly prefer the work-life balance that happens with work-from-home.

I did do something completely unhinged, I have been going through my credit card statements for as far back as I can find, which so far is 2015, but I can no longer figure out how I got back that far, but that will be a weekend project. Basically, I think I’ve lost the plot a bit with remembering that credit card balance availability is not money to be spent and need to bring it back to only using my card for emergencies. It’s taking so long, but is very illuminating.

Fun // Interesting // Introspective

Why we may have less memories of the pandemic.

I didn’t like a lot of the stories about Marie Kondo acknowledging that she now had a messy home due to her kids, they were too gleeful, to celebratory of another woman admitting that motherhood is hard, that she can’t be “perfect”, but this one didn’t celebrate it, just acknowledged it.

I love seeing artists, creatives, comics I’ve been following for years finally blow up. I’ve been following Marie since I listened to her on the now dead Lady Lovin’ podcast in 2016 or 2017 and she is one of the funniest people on the internet.

I’m all for everyone doing whatever they want to their own faces, but I do think this is a very good argument for not following trends that involve surgery.

I am, finally, nearly through my Ilia Tinted Moisturizer (it’s fine, I just can’t stand the smell) and so I am now in the research phase for a new one.

Where are the fat street-style icons?

A weekend in an unplugged Welsh cottage sounds like perfection.

Look at this heart shaped bag!

This online shop is so fanciful, extravagant, and fun.

Chloe Bailey’s new video has the most stunning visuals.

A snarky dig at people who don’t read.


January in Review

A Week-ish in Outfits

The Perpetual Incompleteness of Adulthood

February Goals

Caught my eye//

This green jumpsuit that if I wear it to every wedding I have this year actually won’t have a terrible cost per wear (justification is the first step).

This bedding set that I think will be my spring/summer bedding when it gets too warm for a comforter.

Weekly Media//

I am currently re-watching the Avengers movies, I know there are so many good things out, but I just wanted familiarity and these are reaching Harry Potter levels of familiarity.

Have a great weekend!


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