February Goals

This wasn’t a post I was planning on making, I’ve been trying to follow my intuition a bit more, and I felt like this was the right move. In general, so far in 2023, keeping myself accountable has been a huge part of everything I’ve been doing. The tracking sheets, the journaling, sharing stuff on social media. It has all be part of harnessing external motivation, whether the motivator be positive feedback or a tick mark on a list. And so I just have this feeling that a goals post is fitting, and it just feels right.


  • Adjust my budget to be something I can truly stick to.

This might seem a bit odd, but making goals you can’t stick with is only going to be discouraging. You absolutely can try to force yourself to stick to a super strict budget and sometimes you should, however, for February, I am going to give myself some room. Some flexibility.

  • Save $200
  • Spend less than $200 on food and drink in Minneapolis (and keep total spend for the weekend to under $1000 – including hotel, gas, and parking which will be most of it)
  • Spend less than $500 on groceries and drink while home
  • Pay off a net $200 on my credit card
  • Don’t shop the Hill House Home Spring Drop until after Minneapolis trip


  • Get a floor lamp for my living room at Target
  • Clean out fridge, old food, washing shelves, and drawers, the whole deal.
  • Sell desk, chair, and lamp on Facebook Marketplace


  • Continue getting up at 6am to journal and read non-fiction
  • Get my bangs trimmed – this is already booked and I am desperate for it
  • Get an oil change
  • Go through all my old paperwork
  • Start needlepointing again
  • Continue baking


  • Exercise 15 days in the month
  • Join the gym
  • Figure out a “I’m still hungry after dinner” snack.

January was a really, really great month. I think because it was such a good balance of focus and fun, and I am really trying to replicate that, really for the rest of the year, but especially for February. In my opinion, February is the bleakest month. I am really trying to be on the lookout for signs of winter abating, but last year winter lasted until May, so I’m also not trying to get my hopes up too high with anything.

Here’s to a great month!


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