What I’m Buying in November

I’m not planning on buying much in November, not a no-buy but just really scaling it back. I also want to really refocus on saving. I want to have enough savings to be able to apply for jobs all over and not be worried about how much it costs to move there, I want to be able to fix my car anytime anything happens from a tiny bump or scrape, I want to be able to replace something right after it breaks or runs out. There is a flexibility that comes with savings, a resilience, that you just don’t have when you only have a small emergency fund or vacation fund.

One. Tivoli IV Parc Boot. These are the new winter boots that I have decided on.

Two. Merit Bronze Balm Sheer Sculpting Bronzer. I’m really trying to transition to more cream and liquid products. I think they are longer-lasting and I like the glowy, dewy effect they have.

Three. Biossance Miracle Moisture Set. I’m out of my favourite Vitamin C and Rose Oil and I was just going to buy that and then a separate eye cream, but then I saw this and I noticed that the whole set was cheaper than the face oil alone, let alone plus the eye cream. And I’ll finally get to try the Copper Peptide Serum that I’ve read so many reviews of.

Four. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Scrub. This bum bum scent is so amazing. It’s one of the few body products that I actually care about (mostly I think all body products are pretty much the same and most of the expensive ones are kind of a scam), I love the lotion so much that I wanted to try the scrub. I also am missing having some kind of exfoliant in my shower routine – and we are headed into scaly skin season.

Five. Farmacy Green Clean. This is one of my all-time favourite products, I use it every time I wear makeup. Nothing takes off makeup like it. I normally wouldn’t restock this soon, nor for the smaller size option, but the larger one was sold out and I wanted to take advantage of the Sephora sale.

Six. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This is another all-time favourite, I use it every night, and it’s been saving my face this cold season. My nose isn’t nearly as chapped and raw as it used to get when I had a cold.

I think that is going to be it, although I may be getting to go to a conference in Toronto this month, in which case I may end up spending some money while there. I’m not sure if I’ll have time. I also have to get my tires changed this month and I’m getting my hair cut, so there will be some money spent on services this month.

I also booked my flights home for the holidays, I haven’t booked my return flight yet because I’m going to ask for the week after the new year off and try and get down to Toronto/Guelph and see some friends that I haven’t seen since the pandemic so I don’t yet know if I’ll be flying back from Toronto or Ottawa.

Have a great November!


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