Friday Favorites: 11/11/2022

I had every intention of writing this last night, but we didn’t get back from our work trip until 9pm and it was such a long day that all I did when I got home was feed the cat, lie down on the couch for half an hour and go to bed. I do however think I’ve found my ultimate headache cure, chug as much water as you can handle, one extra strength Advil, and a snack size bag of chips.

Social Media Favorite: @sunday.scaries

This is such a silly little meme account, but they are the account behind those “slams laptop shop on Friday” posts that you’ve probably seen shared on people’s stories. They also have a fun Sunday Scaries podcast, there hasn’t been an episode in a couple weeks, but it’s just silly pop culture stuff.

Movie/TV Favorite: Cold Case

I’m still watching this show, it’s become kind of a comfort show for me. It’s just easy watching because it’s so formulaic. It’s your classic procedural, except it doesn’t even really bother with the over-arching plotlines that other police procedurals get into.

There’s no trailers online for this show.

Podcast Favorite: You’re Wrong About

This was absolutely, 1000% the wrong podcast to listen to while on a small plane flying into remote Northwestern Ontario, but it was super interesting, and kind of hopeful.

Random Favorite 1: Miss Vickie’s Sweet Chili and Sour Cream

These are so good, and how I discovered my miracle headache cure.

Random Favorite 2: Midnights Candle

I bought this candle the day that Taylor Swift’s Midnights album came out, it’s definitely themed after the album because the brand also has an All Too Well candle. I don’t like the All Too Well one, it’s really sweet, but this one is amazing.

Have a great weekend,


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