Saturday Scroll: 11/12/22

Are makeup expiration dates really all that serious?

How to prepare your mental health for winter.

I’ve never watched Yellowstone, but this prequel with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren sounds like it will be amazing.

Bergdorf’s infamous ornament store is now online.

The truth behind The Crown episode about Prince Phillip helping to identify the Imperial Family of Russia’s remains.

The holiday Parterre collection is gorgeous.

I’m actively trying to resist the urge to buy a new outfit for my work Christmas party (this is the first year ever I’ve had an evening work Christmas party), and I’ve been looking at guides all over the place, including Grace’s, and her accessory guide, Carly’s,

I haven’t listen to the podcast episode yet, but the blurb is super interesting – about the power of clothing and getting dressed.

White Southern Women are holding back the liberal agenda.

Are you really that busy?

emails I can’t send has been just as much on my current music rotation as midnights by Taylor Swift, and this song is just so fun

What to do when your home smells musty.

Have a great weekend!


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