Financial Fitness Check-In: October 2022

October was a much more expensive month than I expected it would be or thought it was. There were a couple annual expenses that I forgot about and I impulse decided to buy concert tickets for Maggie Rogers in February.

The other financial thing that is a big relief is that I have new landlords, and I was really glad to see on my new lease that my rent is not changing. I was really worried that they would increase it, I had done the calculations for what they largest legal increases were and knew that I could afford it. But I was still very glad not to have to factor in any changes.

So one of the expenses I forgot about this month is that I renew Disney+ annually, in October, it’s $135.59 for the year, but it increased my monthly subscriptions expense by 150%.

The one area I am pleased with is I really brought down my grocery spending, it’s still not back to the April, May, June levels but it is down nearly 20% from my August peak. I am getting more HelloFresh in November because I’m travelling a lot for work this month so that will probably increase my spend here again. But I’m hoping it will balance out because now that we have snow I won’t be making the trip to Dryden anymore which will mean no more Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, spending.

The one area I would really like to cut out is I bought lunch out five times in October, and not in a fun lunch with friends way, but it a I’m tired and don’t want to meal prep or cook dinner to have leftovers for lunch way. I’m hoping that the Hello Fresh will help with that.

For November spending I have already shopped the Sephora sale and stocked up on all my skincare needs, and I don’t need anymore make up or skincare for several months (except maybe tinted moisturizer – but I’ve been using a lot less concealer lately). I do need to buy new winter boots this month, especially since it is really actively snowing and is really thinking about staying. In other winter prep spending I have to switch my all-season tires over to winter tires and get an oil change. I’m also disposing of my all-season tires this year, so there are probably fees associated with dumping them.

I am also getting a hair cut in November, hair cuts aren’t that expensive in Sioux Lookout, but it’s still about $50 plus tip.

The other thing is, there seems to be a chance that Taylor Swift tickets will need to be bought this month. I don’t know if I have enough money saved up for them, definitely not for pit tickets, but I have always wanted to go to a Taylor Swift show and have never been able to afford to before; and now I have real adult money that I get to use however I want. And I want to use it on concert tickets.

The other thing that is still up in the air for November is that I may be going to a conference for work in Toronto. It’s only two days, and work will pay for my hotel and travel, but if I’m going to be in Toronto I’m going to want to meet up with friends, go out to dinner, maybe go to a nice spin class. It’s not a lot of time, but I’m really hopeful that it happens.

I may also start Christmas shopping in November, I’m planning on ordering everything online and having it shipped to my parents’ house so that I don’t have to try and travel home with anything.


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