Friday Favorites: 10/28/2022

I am definitely in a tired season of life. I’m trying to make myself go to bed earlier every night but then I lie in bed listening to my downstairs neighbors play video games or fight or play loud music. Even with ear plugs in.

This is also so mundane, but I’m going to start trying to do laundry every other week instead of every week. I think I know own enough clothes, towels, and underwear to be able to do so and taking a weekly chore out sounds like a great way to make life less exhausting overall.

I am however very excited about this weekend, it’s Halloweekend! AND! There is a social in town this weekend, which means that there will be a location to dance this weekend. It’s local live music so it has the potential to be not great, but I’m still super excited.

Social Media Favorite: @nelliediamond

Nell is definitely not an influencer/content creator. She’s a founder, as much as that word is overused these days, of the company and brand Hill House Home, and such a cool businesswomen. She reminds me a bit of Sarah Blakely, but less “girl-boss” energy and more just boss energy. Which is interesting to me because Nell dresses in such an overtly feminine way that you would expect her to be the “girlboss” type, but she’s not and I think it is because she is so entirely herself. She has not forced herself to fit into the traditional mold of a business women and regularly attends meetings and pitches in platform heels and flowy dresses. Femininity is not inherently anti-business.

Movie/TV Favorite: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

I watched this on and off when it was live on TV but it’s now on Disney+ and I’m watching it straight through for the first time. I remember a lot and there is also a lot that I have completely forgotten. I love this show because it was my introduction to Chloe Wang-Bennet and I love that even Simu Liu even recognizes her as the first Asian Marvel superhero.

Podcast Favorite: U Up: Am I giving up if I am not on the apps?

This was a Sunday Special episode, so it’s a shorter episode addressing one specific question. And I found this question to be very relevant because I am not on the apps, I hate them and I refuse to participate in them. I dislike the way they make me think about the other people, the way my brain works when I use them. So I don’t use them. And it was interesting to hear another reason why someone isn’t on the apps (and it’s not also because they live in a town with 6 options on Bumble).

Random Favorite 1: Lentil Butternut Squash Soup

This is one of my favourite fall recipes. I up the seasonings a bit to add some more spice.

Random Favorite 2: Joules Raincoat

This is my fifth or sixth fall with this rain coat, I can’t remember exactly, but it is one of the best items I’ve ever purchased. Mine has a fun pattern, that always gets compliments, but they don’t seem to have any patterned jackets at the moment. It’s warm enough without being too warm, the pockets and hood are really big so your whole hands and your whole head (including hair in a bun or ponytail) fit into them. It’s a great length, and has magically fit me from size 14 to size 20 and everything in between.

Have a great weekend!


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