Mid-Week Procrastination: Vol. 14

I’m so tired, I think it’s winter setting in. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning because it is cold and dark. It’s hard to be motivated to do stuff in the evening because it is cold and dark. I’m trying to work on being better at going to bed earlier and not scrolling TikTok for a couple hours after going to bed. But I do find that creating a new bedtime is the hardest habit to break.

However, I am so pumped for Halloweekend this weekend. I only have one social event planned, I don’t quite have a full weekend in me anymore, but I am so excited to have a night out. I am a little nervous about my shoes. I haven’t worn heels this big since well before the pandemic, but I am still so excited.

Stop asking single people to move airplane seats for you. Among other things people need to stop expecting of single people.

The “sexy baby” lyric is so much more than a 30 Rock reference.

27% of all shoppers on Good American’s website at any time are plus-size shoppers, I found that fascinating, and other interesting facts about Good American.

This was such an interesting way to learn about digestion.

The makeup of the Bejewelled music video.

How Anne Hathaway’s style has gotten so incredible.

What’s your shame room? Mine is my laundry closet/utilities closet/store random shit closet. I keep putting stuff in and never taking it out.

The impacts of envy.

6 holiday budgeting tips (personally, I think I’m going to do a no spend month in November for prep).

There is no ethical clothing consumption for fat people.

The never-ending underwear and leggings debate.

A round-up of wide calf boots.

How to stop the bedtime doomscroll.

Frigid bitch winter.

I am definitely an “active couch potato”.

I love this essay on Practical Magic.

What happens to our traditions, our food sources, our way of life, when an essential element of our climate disappears.

Obviously the soundtrack to this week.

Have a great week!


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