October in Review

I was so surprised when I was going through my camera roll for this at how many hiking/outdoorsy pics there were. This is my most outdoorsy month ever in my life. It was really nice though, we had pretty great weather for October in Northwestern Ontario. We don’t have any snow and I am extremely grateful for that.

This was the first hike of the month, we went to one of the old forest fire watch towers. You can climb up it and see out over the trees. I didn’t go all the way up, I chickened out, but the views were probably incredible.

I don’t normally get these kinds of cookies, I find they taste like dust (and they are so expensive). But this was so cute I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been going for a ton of walks into our local nature park type-thing. It’s really close to where I live and you get to a beach and water very, very quickly.

I finally got to this locally infamous hike, Sioux Mountain. It’s one of those things that you have to have someone take you to because there aren’t any signs or guide points to it. Which I don’t get because so many people go to it and there’s always so many people that talk about this hike that you would think that they would mark it. It’s already a maintained trail so it’s not like that would mean that they would have to do any additional work on it.

I bought tickets to the Maggie Rogers tour stop in Minneapolis and this was part of the letter that she posted in the announcement and I loved the ending of it.

And then it was Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s because my parents aren’t from a country that celebrates Halloween so there were no expectations on it when we were growing up. We got to pick up bits of it from all the different North American places we’ve lived and make our own new traditions.

I love Octobers.


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