Financial Fitness Check-In: June 2022

June was an amazing month, I did some travel, I was social, I crossed some things off my shopping list and 2022 plans, and had some adventures. Unfortunately, that does mean that I had a more expensive month than I was hoping for.

I don’t regret it so much as I know I have to deal with it. In May I had hoped that I would have my credit card paid off in July, but I will not, however I am keeping up with it and expect to have it paid off in August, which honestly I am well-pleased with. Summer also means way cheaper utilities and slightly cheaper food (although maybe not this year).

I way overspent on food this month, I’m honestly slightly in shock. One area I had not been planning was to throw a surprise dinner party for a friend who moved away and I spent nearly $300 on food and drink for that, but even without that my food spend was high this month (how did my parents manage to throw the parties they did???).

I also spent more than planned on my trip to Minneapolis, realistically I should have anticipated spending what I did, the exchange rate is not great at the moment and I knew that going in. I’m also very surprised at what the hotel ended up costing, in a good way. Where I stayed in Minneapolis (The Emery Hotel), was much nicer than the hotel I stayed at in Winnipeg (The Fort Garry Hotel), and they were basically the same price (with the exchange rate factored in). Also, what is the deal with nice hotels and not including breakfast? It seems weird to me that you get less for more money to stay in a fancier hotel, I know there are other perks to staying in a nice hotel other than breakfast, but I still don’t get it.

I, surprisingly, given that I drove to Minneapolis and back, was under budget in gas by about $30, which isn’t much, but it’s still better than I expected between the price of gas as is and a 16-hour round trip drive.

I also budgeted $600 to spend on the “Nap Dress Summer” Hill House Home drop, and I initially spent over that, but then cancelled an order (I thought the first dress I wanted was unavailable, but then it was, so I cancelled the dress I ordered in it’s place) to be well under that budget.

In an unexpected expense area, I started taking tennis lessons, so I bought a racket, balls, and then paid for a month of tennis lessons. I didn’t think they would be offered in a town like this, they weren’t last summer, so it wasn’t something I had planned for. But I have always wanted to play tennis, and so I have been taking lessons for the past three weeks and I am really, really enjoying it.

In terms of goals for this month, I want to replenish my travel fund. I didn’t have that much saved before I went to Minneapolis, so I think with my first July paycheque I may have already done that. I’ve been saving $50 per paycheque, it’s not much, but it does add up quicker than I expect.

I also plan to get my grocery spending down to $500 for the first time, I know I’ve said this a few times, but I am actually properly tracking it this time. I’m also hoping that Hello Fresh will help keep this area in check, since it is a set number of meals for a set amount of money each week.

I also am doing a bit of a Low Buy July, this is where we limit our purchases to things we really need or have planned for. I have already made the purchases that I am planning to make in July, with the exception of maybe a birthday present for myself, but I haven’t made any decisions about that yet.

My other big budget area is what I have titled personal care, my waxing lady is moving away at the end of the month and so I went this past weekend and got a lash lift and tint, and my brows done. I’m hoping that there will be someone who takes over her business, I’ve really gotten attached to the lash lifts, and I’m terrible at doing my own brows. I also have a haircut booked for later this month, which I desperately need, it’s been a year since my last haircut.

Anyways, I have made a ton of progress this year in terms of debt repayment and savings, I’m not quite where I would like to be, or at a point where I don’t really feel like I’m living paycheque to paycheque but we are significantly improved compared to January and February this year.


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