Friday Favorites: 6/24/22

This was such a weird week, but so so good. Monday was our first official day in the office (I feel like I can’t say back, since I have never been in the office before), and the power went out in the whole town so we got sent home early and two of my friends and I went to the beach (it was our first day over 35/90 and it was HOT and with the power out there was no AC, no fans, no food, etc.), and it just snowballed into a whole evening and it was great. Then Tuesday was National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada and we were closed, I was travelling into community Wednesday and Thursday, so I still did some work and prep for that, and then my friend had a Summer Solstice party, then Wednesday and Thursday we were in community and it was a much more chill trip than the one’s I have previously had and it was so nice. Then I got locked out of my apartment and had to have my landlord come and let me in, and then I rushed to my pet sit where I’ll be for the next week. So it’s been an insane, weird, and wonderful week.

Social Media Favorite: Allegra Shaw

Allegra is a YouTuber/Instagram influencer who of course is also on TikTok because that’s the way social is going of course. She grew up in North Bay (a small town in the most southern part of Northern Ontario) and now lives in Toronto, and is on the cusp of being a high-fashion influencer (she went to Cannes with Dior this spring) but she has a lot of fun with clothes and really inspired me to be more experimental and dress for myself more.

She also has a fashion line with her best friend, Uncle Studios, and their trousers and linen sets are really calling to me.

Movie/TV Favorite:

I don’t have one this week, I didn’t watch a lot of TV this week, I had a really social week. It was so fun.

Podcast Favorite: My Favorite Murder: I’m Phoebe Judge

I don’t listen to Criminal, Phoebe Judge’s true crime podcast, it’s a bit too serious for my taste. But this combination of the MFM ladies and Phoebe is soo fun. And I love the smaller stories that Phoebe is choosing to tell in this series. It’s so good.

Random Favorite 1: Having fun

To quote the millennial woman’s prophet Tinx, “Having fun is so fun”. It was such a good, week, I wrote a whole post about it yesterday so I don’t need to say it again, but it was just so fun and casual and wonderful. I am literally covered in mosquito bites, but it was worth it.

Random Favorite 2: Summer Produce

I think this one is self-explanatory, but I love when the grocery store tomatoes actually start to smell like tomatoes (if you live somewhere that gets cold you know what I mean).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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