Summer Spontaneity

This week I had some of one of those magic summer days where an amazing day just kind of falls together, the kind of day that hasn’t been able to happen since 2019 and just how wonderful they are.

It was hot on Monday, the high hit 36C, 40C in the sunshine, 104F and air conditioning isn’t super common up here, in schools, offices, or houses. So, not only was it our first official day back in the office already annoying everyone, but it was also the kind of heat that makes people angry. Especially when the temperature suddenly jumps about 20 Celsius degrees. It was so hot that the power went out in the entire town.

Our office building doesn’t have a generator so when the power went out the managers went around and told everyone to go home, it was like 5 to 4 and we work 8:30 to 4:30 so it was really only a half hour loss. But a couple of my friends and I decided to go to the beach, I packed a cooler with some chips, salsa, seltzer, and sunscreen and off we went. It was just three of us, and it was just super casual, but it was perfect. After a few hours at the beach we were hungry and we decided to go home, change, and round up some bits of food and go to one of their houses and eat dinner and hang out. It then started to thunder storm and we watched it storm until the rain got to bad and we had to go in.

It was just great, it was so simple, so random and it just fell together. I talk a lot of smack about this town and everything it doesn’t have, but everything was honestly perfect on Monday.

And it got me thinking, I am a planner, but I also love to just figure it out. It’s how I travel, I plan where to be, how I will be there, what I want to do, but once I get there I fly by the seat of my pants. I don’t pre-select what restaurants I want to eat at, or coffee shops I want to go to and I have found some of my favorite restaurants (like a literal hole in the wall in Venice that I still talk about even though it’s been 8 years). And it also makes for the best random, casual days. Days where the conversation just flows for hours, where you move from plan to plan and place to place with no problems, no debate, no arguing, and no fuss.

And there is something about summer that just makes it easier, but there is nothing better than these marathons of fun that just fall into place.

And that’s not to say that I don’t love a planned event, it’s super fun to go to an event, to follow a plan and accomplish everything you want to do in a city or a day, but there is something magical, something that feels like it’s out of a movie or a coming of age TV show about a day like Monday.


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