Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 5

Happy Wednesday everyone, it is a weird week for some Canadians, yesterday, Tuesday, was National Indigenous People’s Day and some workplaces close to acknowledge it, especially if they work for or employ a large number of Indigenous people, so this includes my workplace. However, because it is not a federal holiday, you get the actual day off, and not a random Monday or Friday to make a long weekend. So, we went back into the office on Monday, then were off on Tuesday and now we are back to work today and I feel very confused this week, but also very relaxed.

It’s Cancer season baby, it’s time to identify what home means to you, tell your friends you love them, and cry as a response to every emotion.

How to be less financially fragile.

Side-character summer?

How to take better travel pictures with your phone.

Katie Sturino’s apartment feels like Miami Barbie for the modern age.

Some (slightly pricier) back to office options for all of us back this week (or anytime recently I guess).

Summer smell anxiety.

This was a really thought provoking story, how cancel culture is impacting the high school rumour mill. I think I’m going to read it again, I’m so torn with how I feel about it. But a very interesting article.

Also a personal recommendation, please wear sunscreen. I was outside for an hour and a half on Sunday morning and I am a lobster from the chest up.

It’s a shorter one this week, I find it interesting how it goes in waves, some weeks there is so much to share and others there just isn’t as much.

Have a great week!


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