Friday Favorites: News podcasts and Internet acquaintances

What a week, I don’t think I have experienced a faster week in ages, Monday I flew to Sachigo Lake to help establish their emergency response to what I thought was a (what is now standard) COVID outbreak, but it ended up also being a mental health crisis and opioid epidemic crisis that had been ongoing for a while, and then this outbreak was the tipping point for the community responders. It was overwhelming, and intense work, and I always leave never knowing if I’ve done enough, knowing that I probably haven’t done enough. Then Thursday was trying to get caught up on the other normal work and life.

We also came back from up north (or further north I guess), to spring properly here and it was glorious. It was literally snowing when we left Sachigo and when we got back to Sioux Lookout the sun was beaming and the temperature was in the teens. I even moved my patio table and chairs outside on Thursday night and ate dinner outside. It was wonderful.

Social Media Favorite: Carly Hill (@carlyahill on Instagram)

I really enjoy Carly for sort of classic influencer content, she’s aspirational, but not so aspirational that I start to resent her because her lifestyle is completely unattainable to me (a la Julia Berolzheimer). But I also don’t feel like she could be my friend, but in a good way. I like having content creators and influencers that I follow that just feel like a normal, “old-fashioned” Internet connection. It’s not a parasocial relationship, she has clear boundaries with the internet, but I still enjoy her content and her travel guides in particular. This doesn’t really sound like I do truly enjoy her, it’s more like she’s an internet co-worker than an internet friend, and I think these different levels of relationships are important on the internet just as they are in real life. I hope that makes sense.

I also really want the green outfit two photos up from this caption.

Movie/TV Favorite:

I haven’t really watched anything this week, I didn’t have time Monday to Wednesday, and on Thursday I read for most of the evening instead. I sat outside on my tiny deck and enjoyed the sunshine.

Podcast Favorite: CBC Front Burner

I actually really enjoy this news podcast, the pick one topic each day to try and get a little deeper on than a 500 word article or 30 second headline. It’s a really interesting way to get the news. I started listening last summer when I realized that I was really only consuming American media and I needed to get some Canadian content.

This week I really enjoyed:

Random Favorite 1: Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

Listen I know this song has been out for ages, but it has been running through my brain on a near continuous loop for days and I’m still not sick of it, that is how you know you’ve got a masterpiece of a song.

Random Favorite 2: My Backpacking Backpack

My mom is really good at gifts, but this is one of her true knock outs. I got this for Christmas 2013 before I went on exchange in Spain and backpacking Europe. I still use it all the time. I literally used it this week to carry all my clothes and work stuff to Sachigo. It is so useful, it is so comfortable. It’s not plus-size friendly in that the hip belt has never done up for me, even when I was a size 10 (US) and I don’t even try anymore, I have heard good things about Gregory Packs for better size inclusivity, but I don’t know if I’ll ever replace this one.

My exact one obviously is not available nearly 7 years later, but this one is the same brand and very similar.

The only picture I have of this backpack is this vintage Instagram. I am so glad I have literally never cared about how many likes any of my posts get. Think of the gems that would be gone, t’would be a tragedy.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’m really truly spending the whole weekend at home, I’m going to clean, I’m going to relax, I’m probably going to have to do some work because I don’t think I can get everything done that I need to for next week. I hope not, but I’m taking Friday afternoon off for an eye doctor’s appointment (to see if I’m a candidate for Lasik!).

Wish me luck!


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