A Week-Ish in Outfits

Well, after a couple good runs we are back to the week-ish version of these posts. I was traveling for work this week and there was no mirror in the room I was staying in and there was a communal bathroom and I feel too weird taking pictures in communal bathrooms - even though I … Continue reading A Week-Ish in Outfits

September in Review

September was a fantastic month, an absolutely insanely busy month but it was so fun and fulfilling and I really needed it. Also today is Truth and Reconciliation Day, if you live on settled land please take the time today to think about the loss and suffering that Indigenous Peoples endured for colonization to occur … Continue reading September in Review

Preparing for Travel/Vacation Announcement!

This post just keeps getting more and more timely. I am going home to my parents for 10 days and now I am also travelling for work for 5 days that I don't have an itinerary for and I get back to Sioux Lookout at some point on Friday evening (I don't have an itinerary … Continue reading Preparing for Travel/Vacation Announcement!

February in Review

Snuggled up for a winter's night at home. This is screenshot of an email newsletter I have subscribed to (MondayGirl), it's a career focused newsletter. And on Monday, February 14th, they did a newsletter on workplace romances and the week before they had a question box on their Instagram and I responded to it, and … Continue reading February in Review