February in Review

Snuggled up for a winter’s night at home.

This is screenshot of an email newsletter I have subscribed to (MondayGirl), it’s a career focused newsletter. And on Monday, February 14th, they did a newsletter on workplace romances and the week before they had a question box on their Instagram and I responded to it, and to my mortification, my response was included in the email, profile picture and all.

I quite like my current work from home set up, although it is still quite cold and echo-y, it needs a rug, different curtains and maybe a standing desk.

The sunset as I shovelled my driveway for the umpteenth, uncountable time.

Some outfit inspo I have screenshotted on my camera roll. (Left – Serena Kerrigan, Middle – Tuckernuck, Right – Project.Period on TikTok

A section of the article about the removal of the occupiers in Ottawa that I enjoyed.

This made me laugh.

The sunrise over Pickle Lake

A series of pictures from my work over the past couple weeks

And another Pickle Lake sunrise.

My morning routine over the past couple weeks

We were flying southwest on Friday night, so we flew into the sunset for over an hour.

I need to figure out some kind of bra situation for this. I like it over all, but I’ll never wear it because it’s so booby.

I have never been so excited to see my bed as this weekend.

I hope you’ve had a good month!


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