Saturday Scroll

Firstly and most importantly:

A Ukraine explainer, the historical context and what’s happening now; and how to help and more options.

Now, I write this blog to be an escape, from unemployment and living with my parents (how it started), to being a rapidly burning out public health worker in a pandemic. This blog provides me with a creative outlet, allows me to think of different things. To plan travel, to think about outfits, to shop, to write for enjoyment for the first time since high school and I love that. I am also not a journalist, a politician, nor an expert on foreign policy and I do not want to nor should I take the place of those people. So here is the light, the fluffy, the beautiful. And I don’t know who said it, but to quote the meme that was going around last week, I hope we remember that it is artists who help us cope.

The photography of Bruno Barbey.

Will Hollywood ever stopping cast 35 year-old women as 25 year-old men’s moms??

Small Joys.

The power of habit tracking. Although I don’t know if I trust anyone who is only on their phone for 42 minutes a day??

How to build a jewelry collection of real jewelry.

About accomplishing your goals later in life.

I don’t know if I believe in manifestation, but this realistic guide to manifestation is intriguing to me.

Seven money myths to let go of.

This article sums up exactly how I feel about getting dressed, and why I’m getting dressed for wfh, minus the baby of course.

Grace Atwood shared this in her small business round up post, All the Restaurants, it’s sketches of restaurants across London, Paris, and New York, and like it may actually be all of them. There’s eight pages for New York alone, I love the Buvette and the Le Deux Magots sketches.

I’m always looking for new one-pan meal ideas.

I am determined to make my bathroom somewhere enjoyable this year, including by improving storage.

Can we have a romcom with a fat lead, without it being about her weight?

The 10 friendliest cities, for you travel planning.

I didn’t get Instagram until 2013, but I too miss the absolute chaos and freedom of early Instagram.

Amanda Bynes is following in Brittney’s footsteps and filing to end her conservatorship.

How e-commerce and quick delivery services are changing the neighborhood.

I don’t think the title of this article is accurate for its content, but it is an interest read about the fast fashion to certain type of influencer to fast fashion loop.

Vintage photos of Paris.

In defense of solo dining.

I’ve been really wanting a Nespresso, but also wondering about a less wasteful alternative, and now I’m wondering about a Miele one.

My first experience with a designer x big box store collab, was Target x Moschino, so this H&M x Moschino collab is re-awakening the 9 year old in me.

I hope you stay warm, safe, and remember to be grateful if you have those things.


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