Friday Favorites: news overwhelm and favourite jeans

It feels a bit, meaningless? nihilistic? absurd? to do something like write a blog post about your social media favourites and favourite TV when Russia has invaded Ukraine thanks to one old white man’s romanticization of the past and a desire for a return to the age of empires. But if I learned anything during the pandemic, sticking to my routines is what keeps me sane and able to process the news. My plans for the weekend involve joining my cat on the couch, alternately seeking out and avoiding the news.

Social media favourite: V @underthedesknews on TikTok

You may have scrolled past V’s gentle “Good morning” on your for you page on TikTok, but I genuinely think that V may be one of the best newscasters out there. They share the news in such a calm way, it’s nearly soothing, even when she is talking about horrible events. They got a couple facts off about the Canadian Convoy, the #FluTruxKlan, if you will. But so did every American news agency and journalist, so I won’t hold that against them too much.

One of my favourite parts of their account is Banana Shirt news days. Normally, they record under their desk in a suit, but on Banana Shirt news days, she only tells fun, light news on those recordings. Which reminds me a bit of how PBS and BBC news normally end their broadcasts with a positive story.


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♬ original sound – V

Movie/TV favourite: Summer House Season 6

It’s actually been back for a few weeks, but my favourite reality TV is back!!

And yes, I still very strongly dislike Kyle. But I am so glad we are done with the quarantine house. I don’t like Big Brother or anything like that at all, and quarantine house was way too much like that. The cast is better, they are better friends and acquaintances when they aren’t living together for six weeks straight. Also, something I wasn’t expecting, because I love Hannah Berner, and I love Hannah, Paige, and Ciara together, but I think I actually prefer the dynamic without Hannah. They seem to be more of group, less small groups that hang out together, more of a unified, collective group of friends and acquaintances that it makes sense would get a summer house together. So it’s interesting to watch this year.

Also, I love single Paige so much. Although, it was very interesting to see it confirmed that Craig was actually sleeping with Kristin Cavallari.

Favourite Podcast: Bone, Marry, Bury

I have never been a fiction podcast person, or I’ve at least always been skeptical of them. But I started to listen to this to support Becca Freeman, of the Bad on Paper podcast, who was one of the writers of this show. And I was very intrigued by the cast: Sarah Hyland, Frankie Jonas (yes, the fourth Jonas Brother), and Heather McMahon are just part of the chaotic energy this cast list gives. And it was so fun to listen to it, it is straight up ear candy. So good, nothing that I would have thought Becca would have written but I love it. Allie is an absolute trash panda, but I love her

Wildcard favourite 1: Madewell Jeans

I have been wearing jeans nearly every day of the last two weeks, and I only own two pairs of jeans and one of them doesn’t feel professional enough to wear here. So I’ve been wearing the 10″ High Rise Skinny in Hayes wash (only a few small sizes left, I also like these) 10 out of the past 14 days. They are super comfy to move around in all day, have been holding up to me unpacking literal semis of food and supplies, while also being professional and casual enough to make me feel comfortable in the incident command post and with community members. And they are holding up very well to every day wear.

Random Favourite 2: “Energy Bites”

I used to make these a lot when I was in undergrad, and then they kind of fell out of the rotation, but they are so good and so easy to make. I didn’t have ground flax, but I used shredded coconut and it’s really nice.

I hope you have a safe and peaceful weekend,


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