July Empties

This was a big month for using stuff up. Some of it makes sense, a few things I have been using since last November and some were purchases I had to make because I haven't yet got used to having to be prepared and planning ahead to avoid using plastic/packaged products. This is a great … Continue reading July Empties

June Empties

I am feeling slightly derailed as my blog post schedule is being impacted by my real life. We were supposed to be moving back into the office today, but then there was a government announcement that it was still recommended that non-essential employees still work from home until September 7. I have very mixed feelings … Continue reading June Empties

The Roommate Decision Making Game

I've been living alone in my two-bedroom apartment since I moved up here. I've been liking it a lot, however I am not loving how much the utilities are on my own. And we haven't even gotten to winter yet and I am super nervous about the electric bill in the winter because I have … Continue reading The Roommate Decision Making Game