Back to School: Sorority Recruitment in Canada

I have had this post planned all month, but I think with how BamaRushTok took over TikTok last week and how Ole Miss Recruitment will probably do that this week, it seems even more timely than I ever thought it would be. I've already made a couple TikToks about this, because if I was a … Continue reading Back to School: Sorority Recruitment in Canada

Trends are the worst

I can't stop thinking about trendiness, "cheugy", and classism. Like literally can't stop, it's like my new intrusive thought. It started innocently enough, I would scroll through reels or TikToks about what's cheugy or trends from the nineties or noughties and think to myself, "Thanks mom for not letting us dress like that.", which then … Continue reading Trends are the worst

Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues

This wonderful interview with Nell Diamond, the founder of Hill House Home and inventor of the Nap Dress I want oh so desperately. I can't decide if I'm cheugy or not, but caring would definitely be cheugy of me. Is it terrible that I am jealous of re-entry anxiety? This article about post-vaccine inertia has … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues