Pet Safety During the Holidays

I have been very hesitant to wade into animal health related content on here. I'm not a veterinarian and I haven't worked in a vet clinic in nearly a year. However, I learned a lot in my many years of working in clinics and wanting to be a vet that I believer more pet owners … Continue reading Pet Safety During the Holidays

Pet Sitting Supplies for Dogs and Cats

I have returned to pet sitting to help make some extra cash to help speed up the process of paying off the debts I have accrued over this past year. It has been an expensive year, I was unemployed for 2.5 months. I moved twice. Once from Oakville to the Ottawa Valley and again from … Continue reading Pet Sitting Supplies for Dogs and Cats

Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues

This wonderful interview with Nell Diamond, the founder of Hill House Home and inventor of the Nap Dress I want oh so desperately. I can't decide if I'm cheugy or not, but caring would definitely be cheugy of me. Is it terrible that I am jealous of re-entry anxiety? This article about post-vaccine inertia has … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues