A Week-ish in Outfits

This was the coldest week of the winter so far, and what’s interesting is that basically every week last winter was like this, but this winter hasn’t been. So we had to remind ourselves how to deal with it. And last year we were still work from home full-time so I didn’t have to go outside in the cold unless I was getting groceries or something. So this week’s only goal was to stay warm.

High: On Saturday night I had an interesting evening. And when I got back to my apartment I texted my neighbor bestie “are you awake and alone, I’m coming down” and we ended up talking for hours It felt like one of those friendship moments I have always wanted. Growing up, I always lived too far away from my friends (farm kid struggles) to be able to be like “I’m coming over right now!”, and then in university I was so scared of being too much for people that I never had friends like this and it was just the most fun.

Low: If, dear reader, you have been around since last summer then you may remember me talking about this job that I applied for in Paris and made it really far in the recruitment process, allegedly one of the final two candidates, according to the HR Rep. Well, I found out who did get it this week, and well, I know her. Very, very well. And I’ve been having some feelings about it. I think it’s even worse because we knew that this would happen. Veterinary public health is a very small industry, we knew we would be competing, but there is one specific detail about this competition that is rubbing me the wrong way. It’s nothing bad, nor sleazy on her part or the organizations, it’s kind of a fact of corporate work, however it is still smarting a little bit.

Side note: I am planning on changing this section to goal, to be more positive, but I have to come up with the goal at the beginning of the week, so that will show up next week.


What I did: Worked from the office half the day, it was freezing cold outside and the office heater couldn’t keep up, so I got to work from home in the afternoon.

What I wore: Sweater – old – Talbots, Pants – old – Joe Fresh, Headband – Shoppers Drug Mart. My bangs are getting too long but are still too short to style as curtain bangs so there are some awkward hair moments until I get them cut this coming Thursday.


What I did: The office heat still wasn’t working and it was even colder outside so I got to work from home.

What I wore: Velour Sweatshirt – Joe Fresh, Joggers – Joe Fresh, Socks -old – Ugg (these are incredibly warm, but they are kind of like two socks in one just attached at the top and shoved one inside the other, and they get all bunchy and weird and take forever to dry, I would not recommend).


What I did: worked from the office, got coffee with the aforementioned neighbor-bestie, nearly wiped out crossing the road in my Docs.

What I wore: Cardigan – Hill House Home (on sale!), T-shirt – American Eagle, Pants – old – boutique (but similar here), Earrings – Kiel James Patrick


What I did: worked from the office

What I wore: Sweater – old – boutique, Pants – old – Joe Fresh. I find it very interesting that Wednesday and Thursday are basically the same outfit, just different silhouettes.


What I did: worked from the office in the morning, got my car boosted because it was so cold it wouldn’t start and then drove to Dryden since I had to drive around anyways to charge the battery.

What I wore: Harm Reduction Sweatshirt – Prairie Harm Reduction, Jeans – Madewell

Saturday night//

What I did: Went to a birthday party

What I wore: Cardigan – old – Abercrombie, Cami – old – Joe Fresh, Jeans – Reitman’s

I did not take pictures of my day time outfit on Saturday nor on Sunday because they were so boring and just about being warm and comfortable and that was it.

Have a great week!


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