A Week-ish in Outfits

This was a great week, I had a great time, got to see some old friends for the first time since before the pandemic and realized that I have oddly good flight luck.

High: I got to go to a conference at the last minute in “Toronto”, quotes because it was actually in Mississauga and it took an hour to get into downtown on public transit, and it was great. It was very interesting, it was my first real, professional conference. I learned a lot, met a lot of people in my industry. And I got to see some old friends, one of whom I’m now in the same industry as and she was at the conference and another who I just met up with for a spin class and dinner.

Low: I had an interpersonal conflict thing that’s been kind of looming over me that I’m having a hard time figuring out how to manage. I’m just not sure of the person and that makes it a bit more difficult to resolve.


What I wore: I didn’t take a picture, and honestly Monday feels like so much longer than a week ago that I don’t even remember.

What I did: Went to work, prepped for my trip and my colleague’s trip, ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.


What I did: Drove to Thunder Bay at 4am, flew to Toronto at 11 am, was in Toronto by 2pm. I didn’t do a thing the rest of the day, I should have gone to Anthropologie, it was the one thing I wanted to do, see the Christmas display at Anthropologie, and I didn’t get to it. Instead I just ordered food, texted a friend, and went to bed super early.

What I wore: Pullover – old – Reitman’s, Jeans – Reitman’s


What I did: This was day one of the conference. I went to the conference all day, and then went to a mediocre pilates class downtown and then ordered food and went to bed.

What I wore: Sweater – Amazon, Pants – Abel Mountain, Loafers – Vionic


What I did: Day two of the conference, went to an amazing spin class at Sweat and Tonic downtown, got dinner at Sud Forno, both with my Pi Phi grandlittle, and went home and packed up.

What I wore: No picture taken, but here’s an old picture because I’m an outfit repeater: Turtleneck – Joe Fresh (colour not available anymore), Skirt – Joe Fresh (only available in black now), Tights – Snag, Shoes – old – Vionic.


What I did: Flew back from Toronto to Thunder Bay, ran some errands in Thunder Bay, got a bang trim, signed a job offer for a new job at my current organization, and drove back to Sioux Lookout. I got back to Sioux at 6pm, but it felt like 11pm.

What I wore: Sweatshirt – Prairie Harm Reduction, Jeans – Reitman’s, Boots – Doc Marten, Parka (in background) – L.L. Bean


What I did: I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t find any of the cat litters that Montana and I can agree on in Thunder Bay, so I went to Dryden to get more cat litter because I was completely out. I also went grocery shopping while there.

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Jeans – Madewell (it was weird wearing skinny jeans for the first time in so long, but I also don’t hate them, or how well they tuck into snow boots).


What I did: cleaned the apartment, finished unpacking and sorting out my stuff, meal prepped

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Sweatpants – old – Thrifted

Have a great week!


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