Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 15

I’m trying out a new format this week – also I am super tired. So that’s all I have to say.


Everything new on Netflix in December (although I’m cancelling my Netflix as of December 2, I think I may get Crave with HBO)

The best memes/meme trends of 2022. Personally, I would have replaced “The CDC is reporting” with “my mom says we can _____ if your mom can pick us up.”

All I took away from this is that Dame Helen Mirren and famous Northern Irish man Liam Neeson dated in the 80s!?!?!?

Finding a mentor in a burnout crisis adds a whole other level to the challenge.

I’m intrigued by the idea of micro-scheduling, but I would never stick with it.

I can’t stop looking at pictures of Naomi Biden’s wedding, it so beautiful.

Gentle nutrition is the final component of intuitive eating. And not one to be taken lightly.

How to enjoy exercise even if you don’t like it.

How to support a friend who is spending the holidays alone.

Wish List // Imminent Cop

This section is taken directly from the Retail Therapy Podcast, which is one of my newest favourite listens twice a week.

Wish List:

These adorable champagne cork party shoes

Free People Salopette – one of my co-workers was wearing this yesterday to stay warm on our tin cans that we fly north in and it is so cute. It only goes up to a large though, but it seems to run huge, so maybe?

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere

Imminent Cop:

Snow boots – I cannot put this off anymore


Sunday Scaries Podcast, basically the only male pop culture/chatty podcast I listen to. They also do the Retail Therapy Pod, but I prefer the Sunday Scaries.

I’ve been listening to the Jacob Hoggard series on the Canadian True Crime Podcast, this is a very Canadian case, Jacob Hoggard was the lead singer of one of the biggest pop-punk bands of my high school years, Hedley. I didn’t really listen to them, but they were all over the radio, and I remember the more emo girls talking about them. I also remember the news stories about the allegations and the trial, and that he was sentenced, but I was in university and didn’t really pay attention. It’s been interesting to listen to hear such a detailed analysis of a case I remember.

Have a great rest of your week!


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