Dream Christmas List

This is kind of a follow-up post to Thursday’s Realistic Christmas List post. I belong to a very normal income family, growing up Christmas presents like cell phones, laptops, concert tickets, mp3 players or iPods, or clothes from places like Lululemon or Aritzia or anything like that (that most of my classmates in high school received) were never going to happen, we got things like socks, pyjamas, CDs, DVDs, and books and as an adult things like a toaster (once), new pillows, socks and books. So it’s just really fun to do something like this where you can just imagine life without a budget.

  1. iPadPro with keyboard and pencil. I am in desperate need of a tech upgrade, my iPad is going to be 11 years old in February and my computer is slowing down with every use and the battery is barely hanging on. I need to plug for every hour of use and my storage is bursting at the seams. I don’t really think I need both any more, I never really did. So I think a tablet like the Microsoft Surface or the iPad Pro would be what could fill in the gaps of both of them. The ease and portability and flexibility of the iPad, along with all the Apple apps, but also the functionality and storage of a laptop. The one thing I do wonder about is the use of the pencil instead of being able to plug in a wireless mouse.
  2. Gucci 1961 Jackie. I always thought I wanted a Chanel flap bag, but the more I learn about Chanel, the more I start to pull away from the brand (although as you can clearly see, I can’t get over the two-toned pumps), and I think this bag is so beautiful and the shape is so timeless.
  3. Mejuri Heirloom Ring in Garnet and Gold. I have always wanted a ruby ring, it’s my birthstone. But as I’ve looked into them more I have learned that rubies are a lot more pink than red, and I like the red of the garnet better. I really like the shape and look of this ring.
  4. Tiffany’s Pearl and Diamond Studs. I had these on my list last year as well, they are so simple and so beautiful and I’ve wanted them ever since I saw them on Carly Riordan on her wedding day in 2020.
  5. Duo Verity Knee High Boots in Black. I have huge calves, always have even when I was in high school I was a tight fit in knee high boots. These boots come in a wide variety of calf sizes from 30cm to 50 cm, aka very slim to very wide, which is very cool.
  6. Chanel Two-Toned Slingback Pumps. These are such a classic and so beautiful and as much as I have tried to get away from supporting a brand founded by someone who was at least a Nazi sympathizer, if not a Nazi herself, I can’t forget these. Luckily for my ethical internal debates, I’ll probably never be able to afford them/be able to bring myself to spend that much on a pair of shoes (they touch the ground, how can you spend 1200$ on something that’s whole job to touch the ground??).
  7. Tennis bracelet. I’m not super fussed on a brand for this, but I would love to have a tennis bracelet, they are so beautiful.
  8. Jennifer Behr Pearl Bow Barrette (not pictured). This is another thing that I have been obsessed with for years, it’s so beautiful and so impractical and I’m in love with it.

If money was no object, what would you ask for for the holidays?


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