Saturday Scroll: 11/18/22

This week was such a big week, it was fun and exhausting and that is why this post is basically a noon post instead of a prepped and scheduled midnight release because I started it at 10pm last night and then fell asleep with my laptop open in front of me.

I have recently been having bag conundrums, all of my bags are either too small for the things that I need to carry around every day or too big to take out, or my water bottle doesn’t fit, or it doesn’t go with my outfit, so this piece about the need to bring back the mid-price, mid-size bag for going out.

If you are never going to buy property, where else can you invest your money.

It is unlikely that we will ever see another US Speaker of the House like Nancy Pelosi in our lifetimes. Also I can’t stop thinking that she’s stepping down from Democratic House Leadership because of what happened to her husband.

EVERBODY STAY CALM! There’s new Aly and AJ coming!

I don’t much care about what my exes think of me, but I do like all of these outfits that would apparently be good for running into your exes.

I am definitely a dry texter, I have had multiple friends tell me that I always sound mad over text. But it’s just because I don’t really use emojis or gifs (unless I’m just responding with the gif or emoji), so this was an interesting read as the dry texter they are talking about.

This is such a thoughtful piece on the current “nepo-baby” social media discourse.

We’ve had snow and cold temperatures for like a week now and I’ve already noticed the static and dryness creep in, I’m always down for some hair tips in the winter.

Is it ethical to watch the FIFA World Cup this year? No seriously, is it??

Do you need to buy gifts for your boyfriend’s family? Or your sibling’s boyfriends/girlfriends?

A very chic under $100USD gift guide.

I’m not really an Alex Cooper fan, I think I’ve listened to like two episodes (her interview with Miley Cyrus is genuinely amazing), but the one thing I have always noticed is that her skin is amazing.

Trying is fashionable again.

Scream it with me: Bodies are not trends!

The conundrum of post-pandemic office dressing.

If you’re in the Chattanooga area, the city is doing a big celebration of life for Leslie Jordan.

The Jennifer Aniston Allure interview.

The argument for traveling alone (which I absolutely adore).

What happens to your body in an unheated room, this feels unfortunately important this year.

Have a great weekend!


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